Apparently the school day’s not the only thing growing longer




Sex-ed with live demonstrations by  porn stars. Dan Malloy announced a demo project to lengthen school today, but neglected to mention that he himself now plans on repeating third grade.

Or this? hubba bubba!

Or this? hubba bubba!


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8 responses to “Apparently the school day’s not the only thing growing longer

  1. Anonymous

    The substance of lengthening the school day has absolutely nothing to do with student achievement. It is a ruse and prelude to demanding more money for the teachers’ unions, because of extra hours worked. The kids in those schools will still be low achievers, and the teachers will become even more overcompensated. The taxpayer gets screwed as always, this time funding the black hole of making silk purse out of a pig’s ear using union labor.

    As noted in the reference article, students in MUCH higher performing South Korean, Japanese, Finnish schools already spend less time in school than their American counterparts.

    The teachers unions have already mandated for Connecticut, that students be allowed to use calculators instead of actually learning and executing computation in math, but it is an absolute requirement that all students learn about the benefits of collective bargaining. That’s sure to make them smarter.

    Malloy, Fudrucker, teachers unions, and Commies, working to close Connecticut’s public school achievement gap, by making the above average dumber, and driving the seriously capable to either private school or out of state.

    Hey Francis, [now now, the moderator is still her] and tell your boy Dannell the same.

    • A news story I heard about another state’s extension, part of this same program, said that they’d be using the extra time to add art and music classes. Hmm, does that have more to do with protecting the jobs of art and music teachers, or is it because experts have concluded that the reason we have 80% illiteracy rates among high school “graduates” is because they lack training in the arts?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    My sex ed class was taught by a hair lipped male teacher who was a virgin. No shit!! I know the hair lip stuff freaks you out, but it’s true. And how does a virgin teach sex ed? I want the porn star!!

    Anyhows, he would tell us why spanking your love puppet was a sin. I guess he figured the actual probability of any of us actually getting a girl was remote, so he focused on telling us not to toss off. I raised my hand, and told him I thought that choking the chicken was healthy, as it increased blood flow and was good for the heart. He said you can achieve the same effect by running a mile. I said, “yeah, but what fun is that?”

    He gave me detention, which I passed by having endless mind fantasy sex with Maureen O’Hara.
    What did you learn in sex ed?
    Your Pal,

  3. Real Torme

    wood eye…