It’s beginning to look a lot like England …

Isn't it cute? Americans still believe in Santa Clause!

Isn’t it cute? Americans still believe in Santa Claus!

Welfare costs in England have increased 12X since 1948, when William Beveridge first enacted a system to ensure “freedom from want”.   No one seems to believe the poorest Briton is 12X better off today, somehow.

The cost of the Welfare State has risen 12-fold in real terms since its introduction, figures reveal today – as George Osborne prepares to unveil a benefits freeze.

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions to mark the 70th anniversary of William Beveridge’s landmark report on welfare, show the cost of the modern system dwarfs that of his original vision.

They come as the Chancellor puts the finishing touches to next week’s Autumn Statement on the economy, when he is expected to announce a freeze in the value of most benefits apart from pensions and disability payments.

England’s hit the Thatcher line before us and has run out of other people’s money to spend. Obama, on the other hand, is claiming a mandate to spend still more. Even Dollar Bill can figure out that this will end badly, though he won’t admit it.

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  1. Fred2

    “Endingly Badly”…. no, no, it’s trending towards their desired goals, and damn the broken souls, shattered lives and losses along the way.

    And if it first it doesn’t work they’ll try more of it, harder.