Obama channels Reagan

Cut and run

Cut and run

Kills 54 trees and puts them on mounted display at the White House.  Our president and his family won’t actually be around to celebrate this bold attack on global warming because they’re jetting off to Hawaii for six weeks with 100 of their best friends and 1,000 Secret Servicemen, 500 Navy SEALS and 253 reporters, but the little people can come in and gawk.

Funny, Ronald Reagan was pilloried by the press when he suggested that trees cause air pollution. Woodsman Barry takes his axe, gives the forest forty (54, in fact) whacks, and he’s cheered for his savage act of eco-terrorism. How times change.


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11 responses to “Obama channels Reagan

  1. NRA

    Three more to go… one for each state.

  2. Anonymous2

    Can I get tree stamps? Fair’s fair after all. Or is 54 taxpayer-financed trees normal here in town?

  3. Anonymous

    Obama is such a loser
    There are so many other things I want to call him and say about him, but I’m sure there are a few navy seals and/or secret service men and women who didn’t make the Hawaii cut, so I will censor my deep hatred for that pathetic, ignorant, self centered, megalomaniac.

  4. One tree for each state? What became of the other 3?

  5. Al Dente

    There is conclusive scientific evidence that trees experience pain when they are cut: (Al Gore, “Earth Friendly Massage Techniques” – McBullschidt Publishers-2010)

  6. Anonymous

    The only State we are in is a bad fiscal one!

  7. Anon

    This is outrageous! Not to mention all the othe atrocities-$4000000 vacays and I don’t even want to get my bp up about taxes and the fiscal cliff.

  8. OG Reader

    Like the Emperor, the President has no clothes. However, the President is superior in that he has cover behind the Bush’s.

    / clever or not?

  9. Chimney

    I wonder why they didn’t announce these vacation plans before the election?

  10. Anonymous

    A sitting president who doesn’t fear the media is an absolutely terrifying prospect.

  11. Balzac

    Your busted media, channelling $ Bill:

    “The non-partisan Tax Policy Center estimates middle class families would pay about $2,000 a year more in taxes without another extension of all the Bush tax cuts, as sought by Republicans.” writes CNN today.

    Wait: the Obama/media complex has been telling Americans for years that all the benefits of the evil Bush tax cuts went to rich people. Are we now being told that those tax cuts are worth $2000 to a middle class family, a benefit so important that Obama is insisting on it?