Elections have consequences? Well then this serves Obama’s Wall Street backers right

Squaw no likeum white man in suit!

Squaw no likeum white man in suit!

Elizabeth Warren to be named to Senate Banking Committee.  I can sell houses at any price and still make a living, but can the bankers who whooped and hollered Obama into the presidency make a living when there’s no living to be made? The high end market is dead – this opening shot of Obama’s war on Wall Street is a good indication that the current state of affairs will last until 2016. And maybe far longer. Oops!


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12 responses to “Elections have consequences? Well then this serves Obama’s Wall Street backers right

  1. Balzac

    “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.

  2. Anonymous

    You think that’s good, wait’ll we reap the bounty from THIS wonderful appointment:
    Maxine Waters has been named Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. My brother just sent me this link, to illustrate her sharp mind and grasp of the issues surrounding the industry she will be regulating:

    • Rick

      Last I heard Waters is amember of the Democrat minority. Unless the republican leasership has totally lost its marbles, the best she could be is the ranking minority member of the committee. that’s scary enough as it is….

  3. Anonymous

    Holy crap, somebody makes Barney Frank look good

  4. FF

    Will someone just stop with the notion that Harvard is some kind of cesspool of vileness. 4 of the Republican Supreme Court members went there, (Thomas went to Yale), 6 of the last 8 Republican presidential nominees (McCain to USNA, Dole to Kansas) had some connection, the list goes on and on. Buckley was a Yale man, of course, and his career began by degrading that school, so the Harvard critique seems a little professional by design. This coming from a graduate of the august George Washington University and Columbia. Its just funny symbolism but its past its shelf life.

    Then again, Diaper Dave Vitter and Al Franken both went there………….

    • Anonymous

      Commies, perverts, atheists, fat angry lesbians, diversity victimologists.

      Go Crimson.

    • Anonymous

      I think most of these objections are toward the faculty, not the graduates that you seem to focus on (of course there is a strong argument on the graduates too). Not to accuse you of hyperbole with your own “cesspool of vileness” comment, but the lack of intellectual openness (i.e the gross arrogance) of the Harvard faculty worries many as to their effectiveness as leaders. When people have all the answers all the time, it doesn’t inspire confidence or trust.

  5. Publius

    It is well known that people often act to their own detriment and the current state of affairs offers affirmation of this notion. Interest groups are all attracted to DC like moths to a flame, seeking rent with the idea that they will be able to “do business” with the party in power and preserve their coveted status. Wall Street, the healthcare industry and even the Catholic Church finds themselves out in the cold after cozying up to the those in power. Yes elections do have consequences and we all pay the price, but I wonder when, if ever the light will go off, and people will understand what they have ceded to the political class. Perhaps this fable sums it up neatly.


  6. Balzac

    FF: The issue is Harvard is a cesspool of statism, liberalism, socialism, and the accompanying disdain for ordinary Americans trying to better their lives free of government compulsion.

    We didn’t call it a cesspool of vileness: you did. It’s the uniformity that is boring and un-intellectual. Did you see that the data has come out at Princeton: 157 employees (mainly faculty) made contributions in the Presidential election. 155 to Obama and 2 to Romney (one a visiting lecturer in engineering and one a janitor). The indoctrination continues, at least until reality intrudes when they graduate.