England’s going bust, slashing its welfare programs – what can it do to alleviate the pain?

Give away £2 billion to poorer countries for wind beanies and polar bear rugs.

Each household will contribute £70 to schemes to tackle climate change in developing countries before March 2015, under plans championed by Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary.

Conservative MPs were furious last night at the scale of the bill, which was unveiled as George Osborne prepares to announce a series of tax rises and spending cuts in today’s Autumn Statement.

Lord Lawson of Blaby, a former Chancellor, also criticised the “appalling waste of money” at a time when household budgets are already squeezed.

Senior Conservatives were also dismayed at the timing of the announcement, but Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, hailed the cash as “fantastic news”.

The disclosure is sure to provoke anger among hard-pressed families, who increasingly see foreign aid and green energy as among the lowest priorities for Government spending in the current financial climate.


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6 responses to “England’s going bust, slashing its welfare programs – what can it do to alleviate the pain?

  1. Longer growing seasons.
    Less Annual BTU demand.
    Fear of Success ?
    Potato comeback in Ireland…threat ?

  2. NRA

    Here’s how we get even with the Saracen horde: Ensure that all countries that adopt the pagan barbarity they call “sharia” to also adopt single-payer health care, “green” energy and Agenda 21.

  3. None

    The socialist leaders of the Commonwealth have also changed the laws regarding royal succession. Making it possible for a first born daughter to supersede a son. Thus the end of a royal house has been ensured. As has occurred in other European countries. The west’s death rattle continues.

  4. Dollar Bill

    Surprise, surprise. Cameron enacts harsh austerity policies, and drives the country into the gutter. The obvious answer to alleviating the pain, as Balzac would have it, is if course more austerity. Paid for of course by the lower orders, who need a good dose of fiscal medicine, to keep the banksters happy.

  5. Dollar Bill

    The answer certainly isn’t bleeding the patient, making the patient even sicker, leading to more bleeding. That’s what Cameron had done, with his medieval experiment, which has had disastrous repercussions. What is your prescription? Let me guess: more bailouts for crooked to the core banksters, and coal in the stockings for the rest of us?

    Statewide, God bless Liz Warren, and let’s hope she can put your bankster pals — the vast majority of whom were all in for the Mittster — behind bars next year. She more than anyone knows where the skeletons are buried in these brigands closets.