Free house in Riverside

Club RdOf course, you still have to buy the land but hey, this is Greenwich, after all. In any event, 59 Club Road was pulled from the market a month or two ago and is back today, now listed as land as well as residential, and at a new price of $3.295, down from $3.895. The place sold for $3.150 in 2005, overnight, so demand has obviously changed.

I like this house, inside, but its layout reflects the predilection of its previous owners to stretch it out by adding additions. That, and its placement on the very edge of its rear boundary – probably the result of a lot split sometime between 1924, when this house was built, and the present – yield a strong argument for razing it and starting anew.

Dozer Dave Does Demo

Does Doughty Davey Dozer Do Diurnal Demo Deftly? Doubtful.

But it’s a very large parcel on a great street, so the land alone is probably worth what they’re asking. And it does come with a perfectly nice house.


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  1. The Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Net flat if they also sell their teardown on Bridal Path for the new & improved price?

  2. Another Reader

    Yeah, I was looking at aerial photos of that area (the corner of Club and Glen Avon) between 1935 and the 1970s and something weird went on with the lot lines. And there were empty lots nearby so the house looked like it had more breathing space in the back.

  3. AndyD

    where is the deeded water access? down by RYC? or is it that little 40′ x 40” piece of land at the bottom of the south side of glen avon?

  4. Anonymous

    FAR allows for 7600 sq. ft
    So, 3.2 million plus 500/sq ft to build max home is another 3.8 million and two years
    7 million give or take, probably squeeze you to 8 or 9 after you finish the basement, lay down exotic woods and stone, and furnish your dream home.
    So really, if you have 10 million as your max budget, two years to wait, this place is perfect.


    I bet the 13,363 sq. ft home on 2+ acres built in 2007, 1/2 way down Indian Head that looks, feels and sounds like this:

    “”””Spectacular Georgian Estate With A Commanding Presence On With Water Access. Custom Built By Doran Sabag And Sound Beach Partners. Must Be Seen To Be Appreciated. Pool And Pool House With Indoor/Outdoor Showers.””””

    I bet if you show up with 10 million cash you could be swimming laps and watching the masters (first week in April for you bridge players)
    In this monster of a home that looks pretty sweet inside and out, and doesn’t have the rediculous traffic of Club Road.

    Who needs the club when you have your own pool, walk to waters edge, indoor outdoor showers in the pool house, and room to do walking lunges with your trainer in just about any room in the house!
    Quick, someone give me 10 million, I’m sick of north mianus

    • Club Road will support $8 – $9 million (it just did, earlier this year). The Indian Head Road home is truly spectacular, but I’m not sure the owners would sell it for $10 – they have something like $6.5 in the land and Doran does not come cheap, especially when the happy homeowner (the distaff side, anyway) keeps adding “wouldn’t it be nice if …” features. I’m not saying $10 million isn’t the right price, just that it may take a while before the sellers agree with your valuation. Probably as long, in fact, as it would take to build new on Club Road.

      But Indian Head has 2.5 acres to Club Road’s 0.7 – probably worth the wait.

  5. Anonymous

    3 times the land, I’d say so
    They did just knock a million off the price
    Sounds like they might be ready to head to Palm Beach
    The sooner they move, the more money they save in income tax.
    If I were them, I’d take the 10 million and run.

  6. Anonymous

    Given new constructions on a quarter acre on Bramble sold over $3 million a few times this year, this looks a great deal to me. It seems that few buyers prefer old houses. Give me three bucks.

    • I’m with you, Anon – I’d rather have this house on Club than the nicest house on Bramble, and if I could save a couple of hundred thousand by doing so, so much the better. But it is definitely not set up for today’s tastes and preferred layout – it has a playroom upstairs, not good, and 3 bedrooms sharing one bath, also not good. There is room for expansion but I suspect what this house really needs is a start-over, not another expansion attempt. An architect might prove me wrong, although none seem to have figured out how to do it in previous efforts, but if you’re paying land value and don’t yet have four kids, this could be a good place to settle in for a few years, then spend a year or two planning and designing a new house and rent another place for another year while those plans are built.
      Quite different from moving in immediately into a new house on Bramble and so obviously a different buyer is called for but long-term, I think the value is here, rather than over on Bramble.

  7. Anonymous

    I would live in that house as is happily (maybe get rid of the wallpaper) and be happy I didn’t have to spend any money on the depreciating part of the property value. I agree the land is easily worth 3 MM. That is some rare good value.

    • The Mickster

      I agree but you and I are obviously male. The female of the species looks immediately at what she can change to suit her own taste. Buying this will cost any man a small fortune.

  8. Anonymous

    Great lot and spectacular street…love the homes around it especially the brick manor style next door. Wasn’t Club Road voted a top 10 street in Gwich?

    • To be honest, I’ve never quite understood the huge premium attached to Club Road, and I say that as someone who grew up one street over on Gilliam Lane. I’ve thought the Club traffic was burdensome but buyers don’t – they pay huge amounts for homes on the street. No question that, unlike Gilliam, the houses are set back from the road and are far grander, and club members seem perfectly willing to trade off summer traffic for the easy stroll to their pool, tennis and yachts. Not so bad a deal.

      • Riverside

        Lived on Club some years back, and the thing I found most burdensome was the early morning (delivery) truck traffic to the Club. Loud and at 6 am. It is a very pretty street and a nice place to live in many ways, but from experience I can tell you overrated.

  9. Anonymous

    I think if Club Road was called something else, like Miltiades
    The values would be less
    The same chicks who love “add their own touches” to perfectly good houses, can’t wait to buy the address embosser and squeeze club road into their Xmas cards envelopes.

  10. Anonymous

    Masters is the second week in April, you must be a tennis player

  11. vice versa

    @ Anonymous
    If Miltiades road was WHERE Club was it would be less…..not so much the name but the location