Hope springs eternal

Not much in the way of (new) open house listings today, but two old favorites are back.

10 Blanchard, over in Baliwick, has tried three times to find its price:

2010: $2.795

2011; $2.895

Today: $2.995

Perhaps $5 million will be the sweet spot, in 2025.

And fresh from losing his other property at 1038 Lake Avenue to foreclosure, the owner of 44 Close Road is playing “beat the reaper” just ahead of his creditors. Will he escape? Fall prey to his lenders’ claws? Stay tuned: Perils of Pauline continues.

Decorations by Baretta

Decorations by Baretta – at the point of a gun?

Interesting side note: Two months after title passed to PinPat Acquisitions (Patriot Bank) via strict foreclosure, 1038 Lake Avenue, known so affectionately here at FWIW as “The Clown Palace” or “Lake Avenue School for the Blind”,  is still shown as an active listing in the former owner’s name. I wonder who’s going to break the news to its listing agent that she no longer has a property to sell?


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8 responses to “Hope springs eternal

  1. Anthony Fountain

    How about “Pee Wee’s Playhouse?.”

  2. Anonymous

    i rarely comment on furnishings or style because it’s so subjective. but damn, man, that house has been beaten with an ugly stick.

  3. Another Reader

    Very entertaining reading. Maybe increasing the price $100,000 every year is the new trend in home selling. Wasn’t there another house you once featured that was attempting this same tactic?

  4. dogwalker

    Don’t insult PeeWee!!! He has enough problems!

  5. anonymous

    You say Baretta, I saw Baratta, let’s call the whole thing off.