Just because a law is sensible doesn’t mean it should be enacted

Back seat driving while sipping coffee - illegal?

Back seat driving while sipping coffee – illegal?

Huron South Dakota (and where, pray tell, is South Dakota?) bans eating, drinking coffee and doing anything else that distracts while driving.

HURON, SD -Huron is the latest city in South Dakota to ban texting while driving.

The ordinance approved by the City Commission on Monday night also encompasses distracted driving. Mayor Dave McGirr says that includes everything from eating pizza to reading a newspaper while driving. The ordinance also bars drivers with learners’ permits from talking on a phone while driving.

The ordinance will go into effect sometime around the start of the new year, with police giving motorists a grace period while they become familiar with the new law. The fine for texting while driving will be $100, and the fine for distracted driving $15.

Since reporters no longer report, I took two seconds to look up the latest fatal accident statistics for Huron (pop. 12,000). Turns out there were two in 2009, and one in 2008. No mention of whether any of those deaths were caused by a pepperoni slice falling into the driver’s lap – indeed there’s no mention of the cause at all. So, while driving while distracted is probably unwise, why do the people of Huron feel it necessary to pass a law forbidding it? I’d spend my energy voting the City Commission members out of office, but that’s just me.


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11 responses to “Just because a law is sensible doesn’t mean it should be enacted

  1. dogwalker

    I suspect the city government felt the need to do SOMETHING to demonstrate that they were earning their pay. One of them must have seen a big city news story about texting and driving. Voila! New law.

  2. Towny

    Yes. That is just you.

  3. FlyAngler

    Are they going to pull all the radios and GPS systems out of all the cars to prevent distraction from trying to manipulate those? How about mascara, will they confiscate that too so women can’t apply mascara while driving? How about forbidding kids from being in the vehicles so parents are not distracted by those crying brats?

    Where does this stop?

  4. FlyAngler

    Wow, direct posting without moderation! I must be on Chris’ “Nice” list. Makes me wonder who might be “Naughty”.

  5. Rivman

    Isn’t that Zappa?

  6. Fred2

    “Makes me wonder who might be “Naughty”.”

    Me, apparently.

  7. Trisha

    I live in Huron, SD. And this new “law” is absolute BS! Yes, there probably should be something put into effect about texting and driving, but they have gone WAY to far. By the way I read this, I’m going to have to put my kids in the trunk or find another way to “shut them up” so they don’t distract me while I’m behind the wheel. But yet if you read into the law a little more it’s still ok for our local law enforcement to use their laptops, radios and phones while driving in the cars. The first time I get pulled over for drinking my water or tea, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!