The oldest listing in Greenwich has a contract!

Go own, Moses ....

Go down, Moses ….

After years in the wilderness, a journey that began in 1994*, 44 Upper Cross Road reports an executed contract. Twenty-three acres and a disposable house, asking $8.499 million, and while it hasn’t closed yet, the Promised Land is in view. How many official days on market? It’s been on and off, but active days, not counting those when a buyer could have just called up the owner and revived it, number in the thousands – probably close to 9,000.

Brother Gideon will I’m sure feel a twinge of nostalgia seeing this go because it was first listed for sale when he was just setting forth on his brilliant career and now, sniff, it will be gone, surely imparting a faint sense of mortality to the poor guy. Nothing lasts forever.

* Gideon corrects me: his memory places this disaster beginning in 1990.


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7 responses to “The oldest listing in Greenwich has a contract!

  1. Anonymous

    Was this the property that had the monster home rejected by the conyers farm board??
    It was one floor, 35,000 sq.ft, bowling alley, nail salon, you get the picture.

    Just to think, in the early 80’s Brant was selling 10 acre lots for 750,000

    Even harder pill to swallow is that his daddy once owned 1500 acres, which he gave to Peter.

    Can you imagine what it would be worth today!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Yes, less than 7 years ago, but still, come on!)

  2. anon

    The property taxes are $81K a year, so the seller pissed away over $1mm over the life of the listing!

  3. anonymous

    If memory serves, Rosensteil owned the 1500 acres, his heirs sold it to Petey, not the father, and Petey hired the lovely and talented Joan Caldwell to lobby the subdivision through the town.

  4. Accolay

    Were lots really going for 750K in the early 80s in Conyers Farm? Was this a good deal then?

  5. Anonymous

    An ok, the dad just gave him the print biz
    And yes, the lots were 750k a pop
    One of my clients bought 3, (29.85) acres to be exact
    He lives on converse lake, north gate
    He confirmed that price for many a times….damn him!

  6. Anonymous

    Why didn’t this piece of shit sell? Certainly relative to the assessment it looks like a bargain.

  7. Fred2

    I enjoyed the listing photo’s, especially the young lass with a horse marked as “exterior front”, since there was no architecture or landscape gracing that photo , I was curious how often young women are sold as chattel property in Greenwich real-estate deals?