Yellow dog Democrats

Well hell, we got 'em to vote for Bobby Byrd, didden we? You a shoo-in, Bubba

Well hell, we got ’em to vote for Bobby Byrd, didden we? You a shoo-in, Bubba

Last spring, ex-con Ernie Newton was chosen to represent Bridgeport by his Democrat peers, only to lose that distinction later this summer when a larger pool of Democrat primary voters elected Christine Ayala to the State Senate (in any town in Connecticut except Greenwich, to win the Democrat primary is to win the election). Mr. Newton was returned to the streets, Ayala will head up to Hartford if she can find a driver, but no matter: there will be no difference in the quality of representation come January, because Miss Ayala, who was arrested the day after her primary victory for a hit-and-run was yesterday arrested again. This time it was for bitch-slapping her live-in boyfriend during a fight occasioned, no doubt, by the approach of Christmas and that holiday’s aura of good will towards men. The Connecticut Post does an admirable job of depicting the behavior and demeanor of this latest product of the Democratic Machine:

While she was arraigned on her latest charges Tuesday, Ayala stood in the courtroom chewing gum as Judge Earl Richards warned her to have no further contact with her boyfriend

Last August, Ayala was charged with evading responsibility, failure to obey a traffic signal and failure to renew her vehicle’s registration after police said she fled the scene of an accident with two minors in her car. The accident came the day after she won the Democratic primary in the 128th District.

According to a police accident summary, Ayala was driving a 2007 Nissan Sentra with a 13-year-old and a 7-year-old on board when it collided with a 2002 Honda Accord driven by a 26-year-old Bridgeport woman. Police said both cars had heavy front-end damage and both were later towed away.

Police said Ayala fled the accident scene and was eventually flagged down at the corner of Brooklawn Avenue and Laurel Place by a person who had witnessed the accident and pursued her. The distance between the accident location and where Ayala stopped is about six blocks. Ayala, told police that she left the scene because a man yelled at her and she was scared.

On Election Day, Ayala easily rolled over her challenger by garnering 3,143 votes to Republican opponent Manuel Bataguas’ 372. She will now occupy the seat being vacated by her cousin Andres Ayala, who was elected to the state Senate. Ayala also is the daughter of Santa Ayala, the Democratic Registrar of Voters.

These are the candidates and the voters who Governor Malloy and the Greenwich Association of Democrats think should run our state. Only a cynic would suggest that their real goal is to assemble a stable of incompetents who will do the will of their party bosses and the unions the Democrats are beholden to.


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25 responses to “Yellow dog Democrats

  1. JRH

    Insightful. Connecticut Republicans wouldn’t go anywhere near political corruption.

    • The difference is that Republicans usually toss out their convicted felons while Democrats reelect them with enthusiasm.

      • JRH

        Newton lost his election. And I supposed you should emphasize usually, since Rowland was handed a plum taxpayer-funded “economic development” job in Waterbury.

  2. Reader

    CT is getting quite the reputation for fiscal incompetence. Worse than California. Still better than Detroit and Greece.

  3. Accolay

    To be fair, Republicans largely outweigh Democrats in some CT towns, notably our neighbors, Darien and New Canaan.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Ah yes, my children use the same defense – ‘its okay because my friend johnny does it too.’

    Ayala should be dismissed by her party. Start taking the high road.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Thanks CF, as you can imagine they didn’t cover philosophy, debate and the classics at snowplow and boating repair school.

    • Oh come on, CC, perhaps you just missed all that because your teachers hid it beneath a veneer of more mundane thoughts. “Why won’t it snow before Christmas, when I need money to buy presents – is it something I did?” is a profound question, touching on the nature of the universe, Platonic ideals and the human condition.

      • Cos Cobber

        That sounds a lot like my Sunday school teacher at Our Lady of the Divine Snowplows. I recall I drew a response with crayolas (wasn’t much of a writer than like I am today –😉 ) of god walking with the dinosaurs and throwing lightning at a caveman who had been tardy to put his plow rack on his Flintstone like plow truck. God punishes the unprepared was the lesson. Yaba-daba do!

  6. The Mickster

    They’re all clowns…whoever created the opportunity for ‘career’ politicians has a lot to answer for…they should be part-time positions with term limits- in reality they only work part-time anyway – the vast majority of their time is spent raising funds for the next election cycle.

  7. Why even have boat repairing school anymore, CC, when all you’re doing is enabling the 1%?

    • Cos Cobber

      Greg, FF will send you a spare Obama campaign button. You sir are in line with the democratic party tactics – beat the drum for class warefare.

      Boating repair school out – boating demolition school in!

      • CC, do you suppose they’d let me set up a demolition site at the old Palmer Point Marina? A long time ago I spent many a day in the boatyard – my dad sold yachts there. It’d bring me full circle, sorta.

  8. hmmm

    accolay what’s your point?

    so darien and new canaan are tiny

    • Accolay

      The point being that just because you win the Democratic primary in CT doesn’t mean you win the whole election in every town. Just being the devil’s advocate, but it is interesting to know which ways certain towns swing. Speaks volumes.

  9. kc

    I want to learn to repair incandescent lightbulbs. Is there a school for that yet?

  10. FF

    Hey Cobber? I’m next? Next for what, being actually elected (that being the reverse of what you said considering everything of this proposition is backward because Republicans control Greenwich the way that Dems control Bridgeport meaning that if I were next it would be the inverse of the previous question, ipso facto ad nauseum I would be First Selectman or at least Town Clerk, right). Oh the things I could do! Kenyan Muslim Socialism comes to Greenwich!

    • Rick

      Hey Frank,

      Maybe you could run for the 128th district seat, you wouldn’t even have to move.

      Shades of the olde english Rotten Boroughs”.

  11. Cos Cobber

    FF, next to denounce Ayala… do you have the courage?