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Idiocy has consequences, as does brainwashing school children

53% of Democrats admit to “positive feelings” towards socialism, 75% positive towards the federal government, 55% positive towards capitalism.


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Maybe she can run for governess?

I won't go, I WON'T!

I won’t go, I WON’T!

Bridgeport Dem urged by some of her fellow pols to step down before she takes office.

BRIDGEPORT — Christina Ayala is due in court on a domestic violence charge the same day she’s supposed to be sworn in as a state representative, raising questions about whether she should be sworn in at all.

The Bridgeport legislator’s mounting problems — this week’s arrest, coupled with hit and run charges in August, and revelations she does not live in the district — have some prominent Democrats urging Ayala to consider resigning from her 128th House District seat.

“I think I would talk to her about it and say it might not be the right thing for her to stay in now because of all that’s taken place,” said Dottie Guman, Bridgeport’s Democratic vice chairman, who had met with Ayala over the summer when the latter was pursuing her candidacy.

Some Democrats have lost the faith, baby, but not all:

[Bridgeport Mayor] Finch Tuesday said it was premature to say whether he or other Democrats should meet with Ayala to discuss her future.

“Let’s see how embarrassing this gets before deciding to throw her overboard”, the Mayor said. [note from our lawyers – that’s a made up quote – Ed]

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By God, Dollar Bill was right: there IS no fear of Social Security going bankrupt

Australia’s Prime Minister admits it: the Mayan calendar is correct and the world’s going to end this month. No wonder Dan Malloy put the deficit on the state’s credit card, we’ll never have to pay it off!


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Will that be cash or check? Nah, I’ve got plastic, my man – you hep with that?

Suzy Toozy, Ct. Chief Budget Advisor

Suzy Toozy, Ct. Chief Budget Advisor

Malloy puts entire $550 million deficit on American Express. “This way we don’t have to cut spending, so everyone will still like me and golly, do you know what kind of frequent flyer miles I’ll be racking up?”

Profile in courage.


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Nice to know that the Hampton rich are as clueless as homeowners here.

According to the Daily Mail, Hampton (US Hamptons, not some English bog) mansion owners are panicking at the thought of paying higher capital gains and there’s a “fire sale” of expensive homes going on before the close of the year. Silly of these people to wait until now to unload their weekend cottages, even to all-cash buyers, and if the article is accurate – a big if- and these homeowners think that dropping $5 million from an asking price of $35 million will stir someone to action well, they’re just wrong.

Overprice a house (and the article notes that some of these houses have been on the market for years) and shave a teensy bit off, leaving it still overpriced, and you aren’t going to find a buyer willing to rush around to free up the cash necessary to save you some capital gains. But cheer up, homeowners, if all goes as I expect it to, you won’t have any capital gains to worry about when you finally unload the ol’ white elephant in 2015. Best hope for some of these people is the return of Sandy.



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Lorena has a new profession?

Maine: man complains to police that prostitute shorted him. “Full haircut?” “No, just bobbet”.

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Feel safer now?

Yet another TSA screener busted for theft.

The bust is the latest blow to the beleaguered agency. Earlier this year, there were as many as 40 TSA screeners dismissed from Newark Airport for failing to properly conduct their screening duties, and in some cases, sleeping on the job.

The sting comes after New York Sen. Chuck Shumer called on the agency to conduct stings and to subject screeners to the same searches as passenger when they leave work to make sure they aren’t looting luggage.

According to Shumer’s office, 381 TSA agents were terminated for theft from May 2003 to December 2011, and FAA figures show the agency received reports of missing items from 206 people last year.

Instances of theft by TSA personnel are becoming “a major problem” nationally and more serious than current statistics indicate, a law enforcement official said.

“This recurring problem we have with dishonest TSA personnel is not only a local problem, but a national problem,” the official added.

Such crimes raised the spectre of terrorism, as well, the source noted: “If unscrupulous TSA personnel are taking out items from airline passengers’ bags, what are they capable of putting in?”



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