Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

Hornaday ZombieNot just the TSA, although that would be an encouraging beginning, but the entire department. Put the Coast Guard back where it belongs (with a huge cut in funding so they stop pursuing drug runners and resume their sea-rescue mission) but send the rest of these people back to the unemployment office.

Unless, of course, you want to continue spending your money on agents receiving zombie-apocalypse  response training. It’s the contempt shown tax payers by this kind of spending that so annoys me. We work hard to earn it, they toss it around as if they were spending other people’s money – duh.

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One response to “Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

  1. Fred2

    Zombie Apocalypso training is basically cover, it sounds silly and so people think ” feh waste of money”

    BUT, it provides GREAT training for the security weenies to get used to shooting masses of zombies ( a.k.a. citizens) who refuse to disperse when asked and who really dislike you.