And Riverside continues on its own path


Big mortgage? Deliver papers for big money!

Home newspaper delivery, Riverside, CT, 6:00 AM

16 Hendrie Avenue, new construction, September contract, sells for $4.1 million. There have been sales at this price on this busy, hectic street before so this is by no means unprecedented, but Riverside buyers  seem a bit tetched, to me.

Regardless of my opinion, new construction prices in Riverside are back to the 2007 bubble level. Will they continue to climb? I wouldn’t think so but I stand ready and willing to sell such a house to anyone who disagrees.


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9 responses to “And Riverside continues on its own path

  1. o/t: Are you having any WordPress problems today, uploading but not seeing photos when you create a new post?

  2. Wow, thanks so much Babylon Sis!!!

    WordPress righted itself so I just put up a new post about our tour at Boscobel today. Talk about a view………………

  3. Anonymous

    this does not make any sense.

    how do it short the mortgage backed securities market ??

    how do I short wall street in general ? These folks are tripping out again.

  4. Anonymous

    The land lot was sold for $1.239 million in 2010. So the buyer sees $2.8, 9 million value in the building. Given FAR allows around 5900sqft, the price looks a bit steep to me. It’s RS..

  5. Anonymous

    Move in ready, price seems about right
    Rediculous, but right

  6. Anonymous

    Clearly, the market values this busy, hectic street and sees the value that you do not….and it is the market that determines the price! It is within walking distance to two schools and the HS bus stop. It is within walking distance to the RR station. And it is only busy during school drop off and pick up times………and dead in the summer. It is not a cross street, like Riverside Avenue….where all of the traffic is. Friends who live there, would not trade it for mid-country or whatever they could get way back there.

    • Anonymous

      I tend to disagree with the comment that it is only busy during school drop off and pick up, it’s a pretty well traveled street. Though unlike parts of Riverside Avenue, Hendrie at least has a sidewalk.