Feel safer now?

Yet another TSA screener busted for theft.

The bust is the latest blow to the beleaguered agency. Earlier this year, there were as many as 40 TSA screeners dismissed from Newark Airport for failing to properly conduct their screening duties, and in some cases, sleeping on the job.

The sting comes after New York Sen. Chuck Shumer called on the agency to conduct stings and to subject screeners to the same searches as passenger when they leave work to make sure they aren’t looting luggage.

According to Shumer’s office, 381 TSA agents were terminated for theft from May 2003 to December 2011, and FAA figures show the agency received reports of missing items from 206 people last year.

Instances of theft by TSA personnel are becoming “a major problem” nationally and more serious than current statistics indicate, a law enforcement official said.

“This recurring problem we have with dishonest TSA personnel is not only a local problem, but a national problem,” the official added.

Such crimes raised the spectre of terrorism, as well, the source noted: “If unscrupulous TSA personnel are taking out items from airline passengers’ bags, what are they capable of putting in?”



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4 responses to “Feel safer now?

  1. Babylon Sister

    CF – do you have any thoughts on considering privitization of airline security? (i.e. Each airline being responsible for providing its entire soup-to-nuts security assets and procedures?)

    • The airlines are private and there have long been calls to privatives the air traffic control system rather than rely on broken down, obsolete computers provided by the federal government when hey have nothing better to spend their money on, so while we’re privatizing that, take passenger control away from the feds too. For that matter, get the government out of owning and running the airports themselves.

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Homeland Security grants abused, report says
    GOP Sen. Tom Coburn warns that the department’s $7-billion Urban Areas Security Initiative grant program has led to waste, inefficiency and a false sense of security.