Sale price reported

565 Indian Field

565 Indian Field

Not the one I mention below, but an October contract for 565 Indian Field Road (Mead Point) sold today for $3.375 million. This is a very nice house in my favorite of all the gated communities in Greenwich and the buyers did well, but I wish the sellers had been more realistic a year ago, when they priced this at $4.450. On the one hand, placing such an exaggerated price on a property makes it look like a real bargain down the road when the price returns to reality, but I’m pretty sure I had clients for this house back then except that they, and I, were daunted by what the seller seemed to think his house was worth. They chose not to engage in what would probably be fruitless negotiation.

I certainly wasn’t the only agent with clients looking for a house in Mead Point, so the moral is, if you want to sell quickly, set a good price – if you want to convince a buyer down the road that he’s getting a steal, then this is the way to go.

But be prepared to wait.


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8 responses to “Sale price reported

  1. Anonymous

    Mead point is a nice spot. The more I think about it, the better it gets when comparing it to the other gated communities of Greenwich, especially if you have a young family. It’s a kids paradise really.
    Between the private beach, that 1/2 mile wooded loop around the pound that has views of the point, ivana trumps old house, bell havens waterside mansions, lots of boats, freedom to ride your bike and not worry about being hit by a ceci bro’s truck, and a guard to keep out the riff raff..I’m sold

  2. Anon, I’m glad you mention the Ceci Brothers’ trucks. As a cyclist, I’ve learned to fear them more than any other drivers around town, and I’ve noticed that they drive as if immune from the law.

  3. Accolay

    What exactly makes Mead Point better than Belle Haven?

  4. Anonymous

    Why hasn’t it been renamed Native American Field Rd yet?

  5. AJ

    For $725,000 less than the house on Hendrie, on the end of Hendrie with the all the traffic, and also Riverside north of the train tracks, the house in Mead Point is so much a nicer property. You can walk to the train from Hendrie, but I bet it’s no more than ten minutes more of a walk to the Cos Cob station from Indian Field. People’s desire for Riverside is beyond crazy.

  6. Anonymous

    That is a really tasteful house, pool as well. Slight change to the paint job and it would still look up to date. I wish I had bought it at that price.

    • I agree – very nice house, great location. Could have used one more room for kids, perhaps, and there’s no FAR left to add, but I personally would have been glad to buy it and tell my kids to play outdoors. I like it a lot at this price.