End of week sales, contracts

16 Mortimer, Old Greenwich, a quarter-acre building lot asked $1 million and sold for $1,020,000 – I never even noticed this come on last week but then, I’m not presently working with anyone looking to spend a million south of the Village to build a house. If I were, I might have.

2 Arnold

2 Arnold

2 Arnold Street, Havemeyer, asked $780,000, eventually got $677,500, which I suppose seems about right, assuming you intend to live in the existing house.

And way up where the savage Banksville natives roam, 14 Dwight Lane has an executed contract. It started at $4.295 million 578 days ago and never dropped below $3.695 but I imagine its final selling price will be close to a million less than that first wishful price. Land this far north doesn’t have much appeal to many buyers these days, which explains why you can get this much house and land for a Bramble Lane price. And of course, if they can find their wallet in their breechcloth, one of those Banksville types could escape the witch doctor tax collectors of his land and come what to him would be south, to a warmer, more hospitable climate.

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