Forget insider trading, they should execute this guy for his execrable taste

Nothing shouts "I've arrived" in Boca Raton (Rat's Mouth) louder than plastic wood and greasy curtains

Nothing shouts “I’ve arrived” in Boca Raton (Rat’s Mouth) louder than styrofoam moldings and Taiwanese curtains

Former SAC trader Mathew Martomas was recently arrested at his Boca Raton mini-mansion for insider trading and is expected to tell tales, truthful or otherwise, about his former boss Steve Cohen. Nothing of particular novelty there, nor is his house in Boca Raton exceptional for one of his sort. Still, the pictures are just ghastly. For $1.96 million he could have bought new in Havemeyer and wouldn’t have been forced to wear a blindfold when he entered the house.

Makes Steven Braverman look like a home decorating genius.


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11 responses to “Forget insider trading, they should execute this guy for his execrable taste

  1. Al Dente

    This is typical in Boca “Mouth of the Rat” Raton, where I am in temporarily exile. People put chrome wheels and paint Miami Heat logos on their Bentleys. They eat at Subway. The sun beats down relentlessly 24/7 and yet there are 4,000 tanning salons. Everyone carries guns, and pit-bull dogs maul one citizen to death every three days. And they voted overwhelmingly for Obama, probably because they think he plays for the Heat.

  2. The sun beats down 24/7? Are you sure you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone?

    Maybe you’re in a better universe where Obama does play for the Heat.

    • From what I understand of the place, Richard, Boca is indeed in the Twighlight Zone. Next to Denver, it’s also the epicenter of penny stock fraud and in fact it may have supplanted Denver in the ten years since I left off hunting them.

  3. dogwalker

    What’s with all that mustardy colour? Yuck. So does one worry about splashing water on the curtain around the whirlpool . . . or you just figure it will get replaced . . . or you just don’t think about it?

  4. dogwalker

    p.s. Yeah, suddenly Braverman’s place looks half decent.

  5. Anonymous

    GAR model house for today’s living?

  6. AJ

    Baronial, baroque kitsch at its finest; romancified with a patina of nouveau mediterranean, and an underglow of kosher renaissance. Laughing gas not included.

  7. Fred2

    No accounting for… taste.

    Victorian interpretation of late American-Italianate Bordello?

    Seriously, I’m willing to bet that he paid big money to a local interior designer to achieve that. Someone made serious bank selling him all that.

    And now, having trashed someone else’s appalling taste, I shall retire to the study with a celebratory libation and fat cigar.

  8. KTCT

    This guy stole from others to pay for THIS?

  9. Anonymous

    His family lived in Greenwich those few years he was as SAC. Lived very modestly and had 3 adorable kids. Sad Sad Sad