If you’re looking for trends in Greenwich real estate, check the police blotter

Deals on Wheels

Deals on Wheels

Police report that a Mini-Cooper parked at Putnam Hill had its wheels stolen after being jacked up and left on paint cans. At least until recently, the average age of owners at Putnam Hill was 87.65 years, a demographic that would rule out Mini drivers, whose average age is 14. So unless someone’s great-great granddaughter was visiting overnight, and they don’t, the presence of a car such as this at our town’s oldest geriatric community may signal the arrival of young whippersnappers. Stay tuned – unless your radio’s already been boosted.


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7 responses to “If you’re looking for trends in Greenwich real estate, check the police blotter

  1. I don’t remember giving you permission to use my photo. Nor Dawg’s. Perhaps it was taken when I went through the red light at the top of The Avenue? Did GPD give that to you?

  2. dogwalker

    Oh, youngsters have been trickling in for a number of years. There are a couple of minis over there.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You know I am not the tin foil hat type. Although I am firmly convinced you are an alien grey, and were involved in the JFK assassination. I don’t believe you can shape shift, but that is only because you aren’t a Jew. Or are you?

    Anyhows, I have been keeping a close eye on this Mayan end of the world prophecy. It is only two weeks away:

    If there is one thing Bernie taught me, it is to hedge your bets. Right? So why not do an end of world party on the 20th? Just in case these ancient Mao Mao’s are right. Send me your listings so I can pick a location.

    If it does happen, what do you think it will do to dirt prices? Will Greenwich be resistant, as it is to all market downturns? I hope so!! I threw that in just to stay on topic.

    Think of a party theme. Zombie Party?
    Your Pal,

  4. Sound Beacher

    Funny, EOS, very funny!

  5. Poor End Of Town

    Check for painter’s car with new wheels.

  6. Anonymous

    youngsters living in greenwich. sheeesh.

  7. The dog get’s it right…
    As usual….