No real estate news yet: late opening at the GAR?

Evil GAR Princess sleeps it off

Evil GAR Princess sleeps it off

I had my dates wrong and the Greenwich Association of Realtors’ Christmas Ball was last night, not Wednesday – I missed it either way. This morning, no sign of life on their website and I do wonder where the staff has got to. I may have spied the Evil GAR Princess* at the beach, however, which yields a clue.

* Note to Greenwich Police: there is no Evil GAR Princess, being an entirely imaginary figure dreamed up by, I believe, Walt, some four years ago. Any supposed threats to or derogatory comments about her are fully protected and immune from prosecution under the Donald Duck Protection Act (“DoDuPA”), enacted in 1934.


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2 responses to “No real estate news yet: late opening at the GAR?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    What do you mean there is no GAR Evil Princess? While I have never had the pleasure of meeting the broom flying little witch, I am quite certain she exists. Indeed, she is all around us!!

    I am pretty certain I bumped into her this morning at CVS. Blue hair, pearls, better than thou attitude. She was buying an extra large bottle of Midol and some Vagisil, and tried to cut in front of me in line. I body blocked her and kept my spot. I am pretty sure she called me a “low life commoner”, not fit to reside in Cos Cob.

    Then I went to Whole Foods, and I am pretty sure I ran into her again!! She was driving a black Mercedes SUV, and changed her look. Sneaky little bitch, but I knew it was her. I was in the produce aisle, and asked her if she would like to see my cucumber. She looked down her nose at me and cursed a blue streak!!

    So yes Dude, there is a GAR Evil Princess. Not believe in the GAR evil Princess? You may as well not believe in group sex!!

    She lives, and she lives forever. A thousand years from now, Dude, nay ten times ten thousand years from now, she will continue to torture the hearts of dirt peddlers everywhere.

    Your Pal,

  2. D

    Sad that you even need to have that note – mental midgets that they are…