The poor house sale: “You’re gonna love the way you look”

Coming to America

Coming to America

WaPo celebrates the new American Dream, the 100 sq. ft. house. As described by Jim Treacher:

Barbie’s Lowered Expectations House. Put that thing in Flyover Country and cue the Palin jokes. Put it in northeast DC and it magically becomes a fashion statement.

It’s odd… You only read stories about how great it is to be poor, how empowering it is to settle for less, when a Democrat is president. If a Republican was in charge, would WaPo be doing stories about how awesome it is to live in a breadbox?

They’re just trying to prepare you for the inevitable crash. Their ideas don’t work and they know it, so now all they can do is try to make you think their failure is somehow a statement of principle.

Get ready for many more reminders from our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media that we don’t know how good we’ve got it. And if we want to hang onto what little we have left, we’d better keep electing Democrats.

They think you’re stupid, America. And look how stunningly you just proved them right.

Readers with a memory that extends back two or even three years may recall the NYT, followed by the rest of the media, suddenly running articles about the joys and benefits of being unemployed: more time to spend with children, a chance to study poetry at the community college, do a little fishing in the afternoon (yes, JRH, that activity list is culled from Das Kapital“) – what an opportunity; thanks, Mr. Obama! There’s a certain comfort in knowing that many of those same New York Times writers and editors will soon have a chance to see for themselves how much fun enforced leisure time is*, but otherwise, I’d prefer a functioning economy.

* UPDATE: That process accelerated today as Tina Brown fired half the staff at Newsweek


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7 responses to “The poor house sale: “You’re gonna love the way you look”

  1. size doesnt matter

    dc has already tiny attached 1920 row houses that go for 600K.

    the cost to start anything is great factor design and permits and labor to get anything built.

    if you go 100 sq ft, you may as well go 1000 cause once you got the workers there, size dont matter.

    material costs are relative.

  2. These minihomes are all your newly-minted (and indebted) college graduates will be able to afford as they go to work in this booming Obama/McJobs economy.

  3. JRH

    Well, I know you guys will believe what you want to believe, whatever actually happened be damned — but I noticed no links in your bizarre assertion that the NYT run a series of articles on the joys of unemployment, apparently as part of some plot to make The New Normal of Chairman Obama’s Amerika look rosy. Actually, they ran a series of blistering articles on the awful fate of the long-term unemployed. Fantasy land.

    A sampling of their unemployment editorials reveals such Obama-fanboy headlines as: “Opposite of Bold,” describing “the Obama administration’s economic initiatives”

    So, no, that’s made up.

    • JRH, I tend to rely on memory because it’s faster, but here’s one of the articles I was remembering, from 2009 – took Google two seconds to find it. There are lenty more, but one should suffice. You want more, look them up.

      Without a paying job, these Americans have picked up other forms of labor: vacuuming the house, sending out résumés, taking classes and caring for family. And the unemployed have more time for leisure and socializing.

      • JRH

        Oh well then you’re right! One small blurb six months into his presidency, versus five feature length articles. Obama Derangement Syndrome must have no antidote.