Three sales reported


Moving day at Conyers Farm

Moving day at Conyers Farm

22 Watchtower, Havmeyer, $1.435, 44 Upper Cross Road, 22 years on market, $8 million, and  7 Zygmont, Banksville border, $999,750 [why? – Ed]. That’s it so far.


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8 responses to “Three sales reported

  1. D

    Watchtower surprise you at all? That’s a big number for Havemeyer… even with a half acre…

    • Not really surprising to me – there have been sales approaching $2 million before, though that was new construction and during better times. Still, this one was in a good price range – low inventory, lots of demand, decent house in good condition. And Watch Tower’s a nice street.

  2. D

    Hey, also, on Zygmont, this makes me think that when you hit $1M that CT state transfer tax applies on the whole amount? Any idea how that math works?

    • D, they keep changing the rules up in Hartford so I just leave it to the closing attorneys to keep up, but there’s one tax rate for one price, a higher tax for the next step up, like ever-increasing marginal tax rates. I do believe that this tax was first dreamed up by the Democrats to whack the Gold Coast and the first $500,000 was tax free, ensuring, then, that only Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan and Darien would get hit. When inflation pushed all houses in Connecticut above $500,000 the Democrats didn’t raise the threshold, naturally, they kept the tax on the $500,000 so they could tax their constituents and invented a new, higher bracket so that the Gold Coast would still receive special treatment.

      • FF

        On Zygmont, its possible your house could be part in Stamford, part in Greenwich and part in North Castle NY. Taxes for all?

  3. Anonymous

    8 million for 23 acres in Conyers still worked out well, despite being for sale for that long.
    Chances are, and Chris I know you probably have the number, but the seller most likely paid less than 1/2 that amount.
    Then again, anything bought around here 20+ years ago has at least tripled.

  4. anonymous

    Famous street:

  5. Anonymous

    7 Zygmont was a nice house. Lousy location but a lovely home. Plus the added perk of free baseballs that crash through the kitchen window form the park next door.