Don we now our gay apparel ….

Ralph L presents an ironic juxtaposition of hunter orange and camp

Ralph L presents an ironic juxtaposition of hunter orange and camo

Via Fudrucker, who reads Slate for me so that I don’t have to, comes news that Liberals are now going hunting.

Hunting is undeniably in vogue among the bearded, bicycle-riding, locavore set. The new trend might even be partly behind a recent 9 percent increase from 2006 to 2011 in the number of hunters in the United States after years of decline. Many of these new hunters are taking up the activity for ethical and environmental reasons.

“It feels more responsible and ecologically sound to eat an animal that was raised wild and natural in my local habitat than to eat a cow that was fattened up on grain or even hay, which is inevitably harvested with fuel-hungry machines,” writes Christie Aschwanden, a self-described “tree-hugging former vegetarian.”

Of course, I spotted this trend as long ago as 2009 but then, who’s King of Fashion if not I? I’ve told my children that if they’ll wear what they like, do what they like and live long enough, they’ll cycle in and out of style at least a half-dozen times in their lifetime. Tennis, anyone?

Dressed to kill

Dressed to kill


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  1. Anonymous

    What’s the FAR down in bayside terrace, 1/3 of an acre?

    • R-12 zone, so 0.315: 4,000 sq. ft. for your 0.3 acre lot, but don’t forget all our new coverage restrictions and such that will further reduce what you can build. Last sale for a .3 acre there, earlier this year, was $1.440 million. Gosh.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks chris!
    Much appreciated
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Greenwich Gal

    I would like to see said hipsters field dress a deer.