Maybe they could start over in Cos Cob?

West Virginia senator upset with MTV for filming a “reality” show in his home state that depicts his voters as dumb hicks.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is asking MTV to cancel the West Virginia-based reality show Buckwild that’s set to air next year.

The senator … said the show plays to ‘ugly, inaccurate stereotypes’ about the people of his home state.

The program is due to begin on January 3 in the slot previously occupied by Jersey Shore.

Give the people of West Virginia this: they know how to make an above-ground swimming pool and they know the difference between a pickup and a dump truck, a distinction The Daily Mail editors can’t seem to fathom.

'Travesty': Buckwild features a scene where a pickup truck is used a swimming pool

‘Travesty’: Buckwild features a scene where a pickup truck is used a swimming pool



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14 responses to “Maybe they could start over in Cos Cob?

  1. Anonymous2

    When I was a small boy at the Murray Avenue Elementary School in Larchmont they used a military surplus rubber bridge pontoon..sort of a huge elongated inner tube with a bottom…as the “swimming pool”.
    No booze or swearing though. Pity.

  2. Perfect vision of Byram Pool future,,,,,

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Errr…. they elected Mr. Manchin, so why exactly is he complaining?

  4. armonk

    Since this is a real estate blog, let me point out that WV is the state where the highest percentage of people own their home. Curious. NY, logically, is the lowest.

  5. greenwich dude

    back on this cos cob synagogue thing for a sec
    i live nearby and jogged past the proposed site … a sparkling new synagogue, unless they truly and really screw up the design, is going to be great for property values. hell, a hospital incinerator would probably improve things over there

    otherwise that street is going to linger as the cos cob of CF’s nightmares / imagination.

    • Concerned Citizen


      I agree with your point about an incinerator, but only for the fake reindeer on Caravella’s roof and the house he let go to pot! And I can’t see how the neighbors on Bote Road (which is Greenwich) would agree with you about property values. They abut the back of the proposed development.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Good for pointing that out Armonk. As you can see now, all that fancy education doesn’t mean that you know how to do anything. If I was stuck in a crisis situation would I want to be with someone who had an Ivy League degree in some obscure, arcane subject or would I want a good ol’ boy from WVA who knows a few things or two? Like changing a tire or rudimentary electrical stuff, basic fire skills, using an ax or any tools, really. How to handle animals. I’m going with the good ol’boy. Just sayin’.

  7. Cobra

    GG…not to mention firearms proficiency.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    And why am I still on probation around here, CF? You don’t trust me?

    • GG, I’m trying to figure out why you, Cos Cobber and a couple of others are stuck in the “moderated” line while peckerheads like Dollar Bill (just kidding, DB, you know we love you) are not. I’m fiddling around with it and with luck should free you guys for unfettered, fire-away access. Bear with me, please.

  9. Riverside Dog Walker

    I guess this art house movie was so successful, they decided to make it a series. I saw the preview at the movies and it gave me flashbacks, having grown up in this section of WV with these idiots and having left there as soon as I graduated high school.

    GG, no one mistakes me for a good ol’ boy, though I did learn the skills you and Cobra mention.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Well thank God someone (Riverside Dog Walker) around here can help out when the apocalypse comes! Mr. GG is good for crunching numbers and thinks the Hyatt is a budget hotel. It will be me building the fires and shooting rabbits and looters if it all comes to that someday.