Depressing but true

Oliver Stone/CBS’s “Untold History of America” debunked and excoriated by historians. Here’s the depressing part: this regurgitation of 1950’s Soviet propaganda, the depiction of the peace loving Joseph Stalin, the complete failure to mention the American Left’s demand for neutrality in 1939, the mourning for Henry Wallace, opponent of the Marshall Plan and NATO who lost his chance to be president when he was replaced by Harry Truman, etc. etc., could, as Roger Simon says in this video, only succeed on television because we’ve now had two generations of abysmally educated students who know nothing, absolutely nothing of modern European history – or any history at all. What troubles me is that kids “learn” from television these days, and this mendacious, fraudulent multi-part series on CB’s Showtime will constitute their history lesson of that era. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s not shown in their classrooms by teachers as stupid and ignorant as they.


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  1. Education was mentioned as problem…DISASTER
    Know that Columbia has been and is the leader in trashing USA.
    Obama was brain trained there……
    My experience working in Russia in the 90’s was that their population knows/adores ours more than we do.
    Do you think that the step “forward” to modern agriculture by Stalin included killing 10 of millions of serfs…the very people that the revolution was supposed to empower is mentioned.
    The figures that were found by researchers after the 1999 release of official Kremlin documents were derived by accumulating the death certificates filed during the period of Stalin’s rule. Not US docs….their own…
    Revisonism is in full swing…a textbook used in the public schools of the US Virgin Islands states that 12/7/41 Pearl Harbor was a result of Hirooshima & Nagasaki…

  2. Oh Gee

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head. Depressing, indeed.

  3. Anonymous

    Went to high school with Roger and he was a regular Westchester liberal. In his maturity he has seen the light and become a fighting Libertarian.

    • Hey, I was a liberal in high school, albeit a slowly awakening one. Churchill said, something like, “if you’re not a liberal at 18, you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain” – substitute libertarian for conservative and it seems that Simon, Paul Ryan and I enjoyed the same political development. Too bad I lack the brain power of those two but at least I can serve as an example for DB and his pals – if I can get there, so can you!

  4. OxyMoron Contest…..
    Winner ?
    Tie ?

  5. JRH

    There are plenty of liberals who don’t like Stone’s distortions. (Hi!) As the Slate article notes, odd for a so-called liberal to subscribe to a vision of American history that holds, and I’m paraphrasing, that if only the good powerful white men had been in charge instead of the bad powerful white men, all would have been better.

  6. kc

    I suspect that we will learn many new and hard to believe facts during the next few years. As long as they advance the prevailing orthodoxy, we shouldn’t worry too much about little things like accuracy or context. It’s kind of like movie science, it’s lots more fun if you don’t understand what’s going on.

  7. Do easy to believe facts exist ?
    Or is presumption of dysfunction the norm ?
    Education system credentials based on sucess a possibility ?
    2016 ?