Elections have consequences

What, you don't get it? What a chump!

What, you don’t get it? What a chump!

From Cos Cobber, this link: Connecticut Department of Transportation busted flat.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is so overleveraged by its current rail and roadway projects and budget, it will lose the ability to borrow money for new projects by 2014, said DOT Commissioner James Redeker during a transit forum on Monday.

Redeker said ConnDOT is slated to lose its bonding ability in the next two years because the agency simply does not have enough money left in its budget to take on new debt service.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also attended the forum, where he announced the creation of a new interagency workgroup to address Connecticut’s transit-oriented development needs.

There’s a 42 cents tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in Connecticut which produces annual revenue of $491 million. Despite Governor Malloy’s promise to spend “every fuel tax dollar on transportation”, he and his fellow Democrats never even pretended to honor that pledge and took at least half of the gross revenue tax  proceeds last year and spent them on more politically popular purposes. It’s safe to assume that the same thing will happen this year.

So what happens when another bridge collapses and we don’t have the ability to borrow to fix it, having long ago lost the ability to pay for it in cash? More taxes, of course – always, more taxes.

P.S. Here’s an amusing side note about the gross revenue tax on gasoline that doubles the tax we pay for fuel in Connecticut. In was enacted in 1981, a time of record oil company profits, as a “punish big oil” populist bill, whooped past the voters with a provision that forbade the tax from being passed on to consumers. Say what you will about the cretins running our state, even the dumbest bartender/senator from Wallingford knew that the anti-pass-through provision was illegal and would not stand – they included it only to provide themselves political cover. Down the street at UConn Law we were laughing at the protestations by our representatives that this would be a tax on oil company profits, not drivers and home owners, and if 3L students could see through the charade, is it possible that 300 lawyers in the Capitol couldn’t?

When, inevitably, that portion of the law was struck down the legislature refused to concede its “mistake” and repeal the tax, even though it was now a direct tax on their constituents and not Big Oil.  Thirty-one years later they’re still spending that tax and Malloy, in fact, is trying to raise it. Happy motoring.


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7 responses to “Elections have consequences

  1. Cos Cobber

    Perhaps this is Malloy way of ushering in a return of tolls.

    A better use of our time might be in fighting in Washington for a better deal.

    FF says we are well represented by Democrats in this state in both Washington and Hartford, but why then are we dead last in a return of our state income tax dollars to run our economy?

    • Tolls are inevitable, they will only be installed from Greenwich to Bridgeport and I’ll make another guarantee: they’ll be passed as a way to pay for our neglected roads and bridges and like everything else sent to Hartford the revenue will disappear into the Democrat maw and emerge, if at all, out the other end and be spent elsewhere.
      Whereupon, the call will go out for another round of tax increases on Fairfield County.

  2. Dollar Bill

    “And when another bridge collapses, ” how would you pay for it, in lieu of taxes? Will the magic of the marketplace step in to fix those neglected roads? Will the invisible hand come to the rescue? Pray tell me, what is the Tea Party solution? Let me guess? Cut corporate taxes!! Abolish the estate tax!! Mandate that all new teachers be paid minimum wage! That will repair those bridges!

    • Libertarian Advocate

      GOOD GOD Dullard Bill, I do believe you’re starting to catch on!!!!

    • Ah, Bill? We have plenty of taxes already, some of them exclusively dedicated to repair and maintenance of highways and bridges and trains. Guess what, Bill? Every legislative session – every one – your crowd discovers that there simply isn’t enough money to pay for all the things their sponge/constituents want so they take the dedicated highway funds – who ever voted against a politician because bridge maintenance was deferred for a year? – and promise that they’ll make it up “next year”. Next year for repayment has never arrived so the infrastructure is crumbling.
      Your solution, as I predicted, is to raise taxes on the productive, yet again, while looking around in bewilderment, wondering how things could have gotten so bad. Elections have consequences, Bill, and your merry band of communist looters has been elected year after year, decade after decade – the consequences have landed, you moron.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Dollar Bill, we could start by not building a 500MM busway from nowhere to downtown Hartford and this expensive fantasy that someone will want to ride a train from Springfield Mass to New Haven CT. Terminate both projects and viola, capital is freed to repair and maintain what we really use.

    And as far as tolls go, no tolls for I-95 unless they build tolls in Hartford and Middlesex County too. If we are going to be tolled down here, so shouldnt those commuters in Hartford.