Executed contract up at Conyers

2 Conyers Farm

2 Conyers Farm

2 Conyers Farm, the guest house next to the gate house has a buyer after 952 days looking. It sold in 2005 for $4,050 million, had a ton of work put into into it and the ten acres it came with, and was returned to the market in 2009 at $7.995. Its last asking price was $5.895 and presumably it will sell for less than that. If you believe what’s been said about the work that went into this place, any sale under $6 will represent a loss. Oh well.

175 Zaccheus Mead

175 Zaccheus Mead

And speaking of long days on the market, 175 Zaccheus Mead has taken another price cut and now asks $4.955 million, down considerably from its 2009 price, 1,296 days ago, of $7.3. I liked this house, even if the decorating was a little too New Greenwich for my taste, and if you can grab it in the mid-$4s, it’s probably a good deal.


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5 responses to “Executed contract up at Conyers

  1. Publius

    Mr. Fountain,

    I am sure you have seen this WSJ article in today’s edition. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204005004578080561639348492.html?mod=WSJ_hps_MIDDLE_Video_second

    As a humorous aside, the broker description of 175 ZM indicates “Flat” as lot description depite the fact that the posted picture and others indicates that perhaps for security reasons a rather large earthen berm reminiscent of the Maginot line was constructed and the house actually looks like it sits in a green culvert. I will presume sir that this is the result of everyday topography that is part of the Greenwich school system curriculum. Obvious as to why realtors rank along with elected officials for honesty and transparency. As to the decorating taste I would submit that this is what Braverman would have done if he had a more limited budget.

    • The berm is there, I believe, because the owners lost a law suit brought by the neighbors when the construction of 175 dumped a flood of water across the neighbor’s land. I assume the berm took care of the problem and the lawsuit; the interior decorating remains.

  2. CatRocker

    175 ZM is New Greenwich decoration? I’d want to gut that!

  3. anonymous

    The problem with these instant Greenwich lifestyle decorators is everything looks brand new out of the box until it looks dated. Someone needs to start a “patina of age” business which comes in with three normal kids, three muddy dogs, a couple scratching cats, incontinent granny, and drunk wine spilling Uncle George, and occupies the place for a couple weeks so that it looks real. And how about that stag horn chandelier in the breakfast room? Where’d they bag those mini stags?