Nice house sold on Dewart

46 Dewart Rd

46 Dewart Rd

I really liked 46 Dewart Road when it came on a couple of months ago and said so at the time. Priced at $3.295, it just sold for $3.1 million. The house itself is an 1850 barn, moved on site and expanded some forty years ago, so while it has no historical value, I suppose, I’d have been delighted to live in it as is, were it affordable at my pay grade. I suspect that it won’t survive: the price really reflects just the land value of two beautifully landscaped acres and that’s probably what attracted this buyer. I don’t know that, of course, but hat tip to listing agent Barbara Daly for setting its price at a level that ensured it would sell so quickly (45 DOM). And I’m pleased that the owners did so well because I’m selling a house around the corner and had assured my buyers that the land they were buying was worth at least $2.5 million – $3.1 makes me look overly cautious but improves the attractiveness of the deal. My  folks are paying more than this house sold for, but then, they’re getting a great house along with the land, for not that much more.

The Shining?

The Shining?

And don’t tell EOS, but 12 Stone Brook née Hooker Lane, asking $2.595 million, has an accepted offer. Good house, but I’m guessing it sold despite its online pictures, not because of them.


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21 responses to “Nice house sold on Dewart

  1. Anonymous

    You left out the best part of Dewart. Prime views of the water tower!

    • To be honest, I never noticed it, but it’s pretty far away from this location and is a (very) quiet neighbor, so I wouldn’t have worried about it even if I had remembered it was there. “Can’t see it from my back porch.”

  2. anonymous

    I’ve been to the Dewart house as a guest a number of times and never noticed a water tower view. Different part of Dewart I think.

  3. Anonymous

    It is basically the same price as a new construction on Bramble. What a stark difference.

  4. Cobra

    Any reason my harmless comment re: the Dewart Road house didn’t get posted? Enlighten me, please,

  5. Anonymous

    There is a 2+ acre lot with a so-so house on Dairy Road, very near the water tower, and I believe it’s on for less than 2m
    Roughly what the lots sold for in the late 90’s

  6. Anonymous

    The one on Dairy borders the water treatment center
    It last sold in 2000 for 1.65
    Today they are asking 1.875
    Backcountry lots are turning back the clock.
    Interesting thing is, Wall Street was way better off then !
    Something tells me we are in for a slow, steady drip of a decline, especially with tax rates on 250k plus crowd set to reset back to 39.6, and homes costs double to build, and double to maintain then they did 12 years ago.
    I’m actually in disbelief we haven’t moved down further faster.

    Side note: did they finally tear down that spec disaster on Alpine?

    • Alpine sold and certainly can’t be finished, after sitting exposed to the weather so many years. I haven’t driven by recently to see if it still stands but it is surely overdue for the dumpster.

    • Guest

      Manhattan is booming, and the threads on Streeteasy say that a loss of mortgage deductions will not affect sales there. Come the spring, there should be a bigger than usual migration out of the City because the market there is tight. Prices in the City are going up and it is becoming a seller’s market. I assume some of those high income couples seeing how little they get in the City will come to Greenwich, and at that point the inventory here that is not too overpriced may be eaten away.

      • Nice to think so, but I read just this morning that Wall Street bonuses are ra[idly becoming a thing of the past. Let’s hope there will be enough financial types working in areas that still make money to come out here and soak up the inventory – we’ll need a lot of them.

        • Guest

          Families are priced out of Manhattan. Taxes in Larchmont, Rye, Pelham and Scarsdale are $30,000. Where do people go? New Jersey or Long Island, so they have to take two trains off hours or maybe a bus to work?

  7. Reader

    I’ve been by 8 Alpine. They tore it down right after it closed and the neighbors put up a “Thank you” sign.

  8. Guest

    The Dairy Road house is actually a good buy if it goes at 1.6 or so. They are trying to sell or rent so they are eager to leave it and make some income.

    The rest of Dairy Road has very large expensive houses and this is one of the last lots left. The house only partly borders on the water treatment plant.

    That being said, there is some noise there. They have tractors running and the like sometimes at the plant.

    Overall, the Dairy Road location is a very very good one though. You really need to look for the water tower. It is there but does not bother most people I suspect.

    I am surprised this is called back country. I thought anything south of the Merritt was mid country.

  9. Anonymous

    Regarding partners at GS, who live on Dairy Road, and also have the title of global head, even he is saying the “banks are not having a good year”

    I’m not sure what to make of it all,we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Citi laying off 11,000 MORE,
    Paulson’s hedge fund has 2nd straight year loss, yes I said loss,
    UBS will soon be a drive-in IMAX
    SEC hunting down SAC
    And PTJ’s light show in bell haven a little lame this year
    Oh yeah, you think Eddie Lampert is the only one packing up shop for tax haven Florida sunshine.
    It’s called a mass exodus people!!
    It’s happening all over the world, and the most wealthy are also the most mobile.
    Nice work Malloy
    Soon your ability to borrow and sell bonds will end, and then what??

  10. hmmm

    then he’s coming after your money as in assets cold hard assets not tax dollars but the whole bundle…

    of course this is only speculation…

  11. anonymous

    Seller of Dewart tells me buyer is not tearing it down.. in fact is keeping the chickens. I predict you are going to see fewer tear downs and more renovations and remodels. In the future all the oversized monsters with wasted space to heat, air-condition, clean, insure and pay taxes on are going to be regarded with the same disdain those bad charmless 60’s boxes are now. Dated relics of another time. Need two laundry rooms, two family rooms, a media room, a gym and a pet washing stall to raise your family? Fine. Resale in five or ten years? Forget it.

  12. Taconic

    Interesting that one strong area of backcountry seems to be Conyers Farm. Three deals in last 3o days, at some of the highest backcountry prices we’ve seen (although off the highs for Conyers). But at least they are moving – I think I can count 9 or 10 since 2009; that’s pretty impressive in this backcountry market given there are only about 50 houses in Conyers Farm.

    • Those that are selling are doing so at hugely discounted prices while I was told by a resident recently that there are a number of mansions which are “quietly for sale” but not publicized and going nowhere. David Stockman’s house ($21 million? Some big number) hasn’t moved, for instance. Which is not to say that there are still some very well off people capable of paying large sums for land at Conyers, just that they’re being cautious with their money..

      • Taconic

        Yes, you’re right. The recent sales are all in the $5s to low teens. Nothing at the lofty $20M level. But this is still a standout range for backcountry these days.