On a rainy Monday morning comes great news

Thanks again, Omar - see you in Bali

Thanks again, Omar – see you in Bali

Climate talks end in failure, again. A new opportunity for those government employees who will continue to be employed preparing for the next farce, but better news for those of us who enjoy living in the First World. Walter Russell Mead writes the obituary:

The inexorable decline of the climate movement from its Pickett’s Charge at the Copenhagen summit continues. The global green lobby is more flummoxed than ever. These people and these methods couldn’t make a ham sandwich, much less save Planet Earth.


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  1. Al Dente

    Global warming seems a good induction for expensive get-togethers, and I’m sure there’s a way to get gubment gravy for a local climate conclave. We’ll petition the rubes in Washington for lots of dough to hold a “summit” at the Hyatt, invite friends and family, and have a blast! I nominate Walt entertainment chairman.

  2. Greenwich Gal

    What if you are wrong?
    What if climate change is in fact occuring from all the carbon and what not released into the atmosphere?
    Granted – we don’t really know, we can only guess from the 150 or so years of data that we have collected and that is certainly not a large enough sample to make a definitive judgment. However, there is reasonable enough science that suggests it is happening and dire consequences for humanity if if is. Don’t you think it is in the best interests of PEOPLE – not the planet mind you, as the planet will always prevail – to be as clean and tidy as we can? I do.

    • If global warming is happening(and it stopped 16 years ago), we’re not going to stop it by shutting down our economy- Californians are probably crazy/suicidal enough to meet their self-inflicted 40% reduction in CO 2 but the rest of the world isn’t.
      For a tenth of what is proposed to be spent, mitigating the affects will do far more good than issuing endless warnings of irrecoverable “tipping points”, which keep getting extended (2007, 2011, 2014, and now 2020).
      Global warmists are about state control, not a better life for polar bears.

    • Anonymous

      The climate has always been changing. It’s the anthropogenic portion which is extremely dubious.

      The Renaissance occurred during a period of global warming well before the Industrial Age, so did the era of Viking expansion. Warm weather, longer growing season, and civilization begins with extra food.

      The libtard AGW has no predictive power as a scientific theory. It turns out the polar bear population isn’t dying, in fact growing. It turns out the Himalayan icefields didn’t disappear but are stable to growing. This past year, the Arctic icecap was one of the largest ever. The amount of solar radiation which the earth absorbs is 10 to the 85th power greater than the energy emitted by humans – think about that for a moment. CERN has demonstrated with predictive success the variations in solar radiation and their effect on global warming/cooling. AGW isn’t even noise.

      The Climate Center at UK Anglia had to fake their data, moving temperature recording stations from green spaces to the middle of paved asphalt parking lots, etc., and they still couldn’t get the numbers to support warming, so they just made up data, and ignored the real data.

      Michael Mann of the AGW hockey stick fame, faked his data and was quietly ushered out of Penn State in order to avoid the fraud charges on how he got his $52 million in research support. Mann is still a lying whiner.

      The loudest voices on AGW tend not to be scientists; instead, they are political ideologues – watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside.

      AGW is not so different than the Ptolemaic Copernican debates of a prior era. The Catholic Church put Copernicans to death for challenging the orthodoxy of their beliefs, just as the most vociferous modern warmists call for “re-education” and punishment of skeptics. The MSM ignores the calls of the numerous large bodies of scientists who point out that the data just doesn’t support it.

      So be it.

  3. Cos Cobber

    GG, even if climate change is real and it likely is, most of the developing world is already eating our industrial lunch by ignoring climate change in their quest for a higher living standard.

    When America enacts noble anti global warming regulations, it pushes energy intensive businesses offshore rather than create meaningful change in our consumption habits. The consumer and businesses cannot afford aluminum, steel or chemicals produced from global warming friendly sources (ie wind, solar) and therefore both parties simply swap US production for imports from nations who just don’t care. Brazil, Mexico, Asia and Eastern Europe are far more worried about creating jobs than the possibility of a warmer planet.

    And don’t dismiss the idea that 3rd world nations are on the fringe stoking our global warming fears. Again, the more a foreign industrialist can encourage tough global warming regs in America, the more competitive their unregulated exports will be. By example, the Russians have been implicated in providing some funding to Western European anti fracking groups. Russia supplies most of Europe’s nat gas needs, so domestic production from US style fracking in France or Germany would be bad for Russian business.

  4. Inagua

    “Michael Mann of the AGW hockey stick fame, faked his data and was quietly ushered out of Penn State in order to avoid the fraud charges on how he got his $52 million in research support.”

    Are you sure? I couldn’t find out anything about it. Do you have a link?

    Also, thanks for the information about the Church murdering Copernicans. I hadn’t known that, but it was easily verified. I guess we should take it as a sign of progress that this once murderous organization is now mostly associated with the relatively minor crime of Alter Boy Abuse.

    • Babylon Sister

      U.S. Department of Education has estimated that between 6 percent and 10 percent of public school children across the country have been sexually abused or harassed by school employees and teachers. Roughly 290,000 students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a school employee from a single decade—1991-2000.

      That compares with about five decades of cases of abusive priests. Not to mention the clergy in other denominations, and sports coaches, and Boy Scout leaders, and relatives, and step parents, and next door neighbors….

      But it’s safer, and far more socially acceptable, to pick on Catholic priests. Stay classy, Inagua.

  5. AJ

    Nothing reveals the major league hoodwinking and deception that’s being foisted upon the public at large, and being bought up wholesale by liberal minded intellectuals, or just ordinary reasonable, caring individuals than these two sentences from GG’s above post: “What if climate change is in fact occuring from all the carbon and what not released into the atmosphere?”, and “Don’t you think it is in the best interests of PEOPLE – not the planet mind you, as the planet will always prevail – to be as clean and tidy as we can? I do.”

    So called “Global Warming is always referred to in terms of “carbon” or “carbon footprint”, a black, dirty, sooty substance, the black stuff that happens when you burn your toast. When what they really mean, and are in fact talking about, is a colorless, odorless gas: carbon dioxide, what you exhale, and what plants breathe in.

    And what this intentional confusing of carbon with carbon dioxide is leading to is thoughts like these: “– to be as clean and tidy as we can?”, that is, a confusing of carbon dioxide with air polution, which it is not, when it is, in fact, one of the absolutely necessary building blocks of life on this planet.

    But they do, the ruling class, have a solution to all this: this being the fact that carbon dioxide exists. And that solution is a tax paid to an unelected global body, so that they can create a new carbon credits derivitive market, and screw us one more time, like we’ve never been screwed before. Talk about clean and tidy: why, you’ll be taken to the cleaners by being taxed a tidy sum on everything you do, while the UN crawls up your butt to make sure your not secretly emitting any “carbon” (carbon dioxide) that you’re not talking about. Ssssh, talking increases your carbon footprint, as does heating your house.

    What are we going to do when the continents start drifting, and building up mountains where there were none? I know, collect a tax!

  6. AJ

    I have no idea how it’s distributed, but I would imagine whichever way the wind blew it from heavily industrialized and populated areas where it would be more likely to be concentrated along with the occasional CO2 belching volcano.

  7. AJ

    Carbon credits lead to scams like this one:

    “VANCOUVER – A tiny First Nations village that poured iron into the deep Pacific Ocean in an attempt to boost salmon stocks insisted Friday the project was legal and safe, but the community’s explanations did little to convince skeptical scientists, including an American researcher who helped pioneer the theories behind the controversial experiment.

    The village of Old Massett, B.C., in the Haida Gwaii islands, spent $2 million to dump more than 100 tonnes of iron sulfate and iron oxide into waters just outside Canadian jurisdiction in a process known as iron fertilization.

    The goal was to create a plankton bloom that would feed salmon while also sequestering carbon dioxide, but the project has drawn criticism from the Canadian and American governments, environmental groups, aboriginal leaders and scientists….”

    “The iron dumped off the coast of Haida Gwaii was primarily a bid to sell carbon credits — not a scientific experiment , according to a marine conservation society working on B.C.’s Pacific coast.

    The Living Oceans Society obtained correspondence between the Old Massett village council, which is running the project, and the Northern Savings Credit Union, which lent the council $2.5 million to finance it. The documents were made available on the society’s website and show the lender was aware the ocean restoration project involved selling carbon credits…”

  8. Balzac

    AJ, thanks for the clarity. We often hear the mindless, un-scientific media talk about “spewing carbon pollution”. You’ve reminded us that this is silly. CO2 is not pollution: it is ubiquitous, non-toxic and necessary to life.

    Your media is busted, example #849,347.

  9. The passive voice is enjoyable.

    “We’re destroying the planet,” they say.

    When the sun becomes a red giant in 5 billion years, it will expand and the earth will be destroyed. Until then, the planet will not be destroyed.

  10. pulled up in OG

    Fmr. Thatcher advisor Lord Monckton, aka Lord Crazypants of Brenchley:

    “As a peer of the realm I am allowed to stick my long aristocratic nose into anything I want to stick it into.”

    • AJ

      What’s that Peter O’toole movie? Ah, “The Ruling Class”. Lord Monckton seems to know his place in the world, and he definitely likes to dress up, but let’s take a broader look at the ruling class elite, today’s aristocracy, who want to create a new carbon based derivatives market with a huge potential upside, with you and me left to pick up the tab for any downside — you can bet carbon credits will be too big to fail. What could be a more perfect world.

      Here they are: those to whom we must all pay homage and sacrifice our economy so the mighty Carbon Credit can reign supreme. The ABC report begins at 2:10; the secretly filmed and smuggled out actual event that ABC was reporting on begins at 7:17.

      If you liked TARP and the wonderfull world of CDOs, you’ll love carbon credits and the wonderful world of creating them at your expense.