One last accepted offer reported for the day

331 Round Hill Road, asking $2.5 million, 60% of its original $4.1 price 676 days ago. At least a part of it was built in 1758 so with any luck the buyer doesn’t have demolition plans in mind, but these days …. Four acres left of its original land.


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13 responses to “One last accepted offer reported for the day

  1. Pot Calling Kettle

    Looks like the buyer got a nice deal on that.

    • Yeah – four acres for under $2.5 on Round Hill Road plus a house plus a pool? Sweet.

      • Anonymous

        Above 1 million bucks for a house, these days are people paying all cash, 1/2 cash, or just the 30% down required for a jumbo?
        Do you find the buyers of the multimillion dollar homes are vastly different than say 8 years ago?

        • Still 20%-30% down, in my experience, but on the higher end they’re taking out mortgages because, as one of my clients pointed out, “they’re giving out money for free”. Not quite, but for traders who can do more with their cash than 3.5%, why tie it up in real estate? In my experience, most of my people could pay all cash, they just don’t want to, which is an enviable position to be in.
          Buyers are still young families – fewer trade-ups than in the boom years, probably because it’s harder to sell the existing house and the value of that house has declined, thus wiping out equity.

  2. The exterior of this home had me at Yello-w, my favorite house color of all time. It’s the interior that needs a 100% redo. That kitchen has a certain je ne sais quoi. As Jericho said, I bet these walls will come a’tumblin’ down.

  3. anonymous

    House is right on the road near the Parkway exit. Challenging property on which to build. More likely remodel/renovate. Fair price.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    This does not bode well for you. Driving dogs!!

    We all know the only skill set necessary to be a “professional” real estate agent is the ability to drive, so this is going to open a whole new set of competition for you.

    Think of the challenges you will face. They are likeable, loyal, friendly, and they will sniff your crotch and hump your leg. How will you compete? The GAR Evil Princess may do an occasional crotch sniff, but a leg hump? I don’t think so. Maybe if she has both the buy and sell side.

    Do you know how to shake? Play dead? That you can do!! Roll over? This is a real threat Dude. Maybe you can outsell a mutt, but Greenwich may attract the pedigrees. You are going to be outsold by a poodle!!

    Woof woof!!
    Your Pal,

  5. Cos Cobber

    CF, are you familiar with Lincoln Millstein’s day job?

    I’m reading the economist this evening when I stumble onto his name here:

    Which then caused me to find this:

    Apparently Lincoln is far more accomplished than I was lead to believe by his part time efforts to play editor here with the Gwich Times.🙂

  6. Atticus

    Owners built another home near Audubon.

  7. Greenwich Old Timer

    I have long admired this house – one of the few remaining authentic and charming houses on Round Hill. The buyers hopefully will satisfy themselves with an interior updating rather than the repugnant (and most likely) alternative.

  8. Anonymous

    A striking example of the difference in what you get for $2M in back country vs an area like Riverside or south of the village in OG