Coming our way

Norwalk zoning officials reverse position on proposed mosque and approve it, subject to it being moved to Cos Cob. “This is great”, Mayor Lou Caravella exclaimed to a reporter when he heard the news that a minaret and amplified calls to prayer will be landing next door. “Now I can unload my nieces’ and nephews’ lots too. We’re all going to Disney World!”


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5 responses to “Coming our way

  1. PA

    Not settled just a vote to authorize discussion of settlement. The neighbors are intervening and there are still many legal points in opposition to the Mosque proponent’s claim. This will not be resolved for years and the odds are the Mosque proponents will lose because the location is so bad.

  2. armonk

    Add a CVS in the back.

  3. None

    Bye, bye America. It’s been nice knowing you.

  4. Anonymous

    put it in cos cob. that’ll go over well.

  5. Anonymous

    After reading the press reports, it looks like the Norwalk P&Z would have a hard time defending themselves in a discrimination lawsuit because of their track record in the processing of applications. I am glad to hear that the neighbors are intervening – they still have legal rights, even if the town screwed up.

    Interesting to note, the neighbors of the proposed mosque (except for the condos across the street) live on 1-2 acres, and the lots near the Caravella property in Cos Cob are a quarter of that size. Just sayin’.