Contracts, price cuts, whathaveyou

10 Spring House Rd

10 Spring House Rd

Couldn’t make it (stuck on I-95) to 10 Spring House Road, the house I mentioned earlier that has seen its price drop from$8.9 million to $3.895. It still strikes me as a good house and while even $3.895 hasn’t moved it – it’s been so priced since July – it’s got to be getting close to being a deal. $3.5, anyone?



25 Copper Beech, asking $2.695 million, has a contingent contract. Nice house, decent yard, good street and convenient location but when clients and I looked at it this summer we felt there were other houses offering better value at this price. Either that price dropped or more likely, the inventory has been worked through and this is the last house, or the best house, still standing.

6 Stanwich Lane

6 Stanwich Lane

There’s been another price cut for 6 Stanwich Lane and it’s now looking for $1.895, somewhat less than the $2.495 it first asked. It sold for $1.4 million in 2000 so somewhere between there and here ought to be the right price, I’d guess. Somewhere.

51 N. Stanwich

51 N. Stanwich

And new to the market, again, is 51 N. Stanwich Road, quite a bit removed from Stanwich Lane, asking $1.625 million. A tiny antique stone cottage on an acre (the listing says the zoning is “R-1” which surprised me, being so far north, but perhaps it’s part of the new Stanwich Historical Overlay zone and has different zoning?) and would make a great weekend house, if it had a pool. There is no pool, however, and no mention of there being a place for one – I’d ask.

This last sold just two years ago for $1.367 million and sold before that in 2004 for $1.5. I’m not sure where the current price came from – I’d thought we were drifting down from 2004 prices and even 2010’s, but maybe I’m wrong.


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12 responses to “Contracts, price cuts, whathaveyou

  1. Cos Cobber

    Could you fix the link to 6 Stanwich? thanks.

  2. D

    Stanwich Historical Overlay? Since when has Greenwich cared about its historical value?

    • I don’t know, but a year or so ago some of the property owners up around North Stanwich (it was its own town in the 1700’s or so) got some kind of historic district thing going for their properties.

  3. D

    That corner of Stanwich and Taconic has always been cool. Never knew it used to be its own town. Did that beaten up house on the NW corner sell recently?

    • That beaten up house belonged to an elderly couple wh lived it until fairly recently. I think they’re gone now, and I don’t know its status. Six acres, though, including that beautiful meadow. Hmm.

    • D: My sentiments exactly. I come to Greenwich from Bedford via East Middle Patent to Taconic and slow down to ooh and ahh as I come around the bend after Taconic meets Stanwich. Actually, it was at that same corner a few weeks ago when I mentioned to you I saw a car with the CT plate “D”. Are you sure that wasn’t you?
      Anyway, at the intersection of Taconic and Stanwich, there’s an enormous old brick home that has been undergoing more than a year-long renovation. A gorgeous piece of property too. An ideal location, in my opinion. I’d live on that stretch of Taconic in a heartbeat.

      • D

        Sorry EOS – not me, although I currently live in that area. You would be, as are most who live around there, unimpressed with my old rig – no personalized plates either🙂.

        My only issue with that intersection is the temptation most people have to fly right through the stop sign at over 40mph. Seen it a few times… Love the detailing on that corner house though and the fields are nice too.

      • Jane

        You should see the inside of that gorgeous brick house. Absolutely spectacular. And a gorgeous piece of property.

      • Well EOS, right next door is a six acre/antique house that’s waaay, down from what the owner paid for it long ago – you know who to call.

        • Chris: I know I know I know and I love that house, still.

          Jane, I would LOVE to see the inside of that house. The property goes right down to the lake. Drool. What is the owner doing – a gut renovate?

          D: I’m a fan of old rigs. Around me, the doofus guys own fancy-pants cars, driven only to impress. I’m married to a man who won’t give up his Dodge truck for nuttin’ nor nobody. And by the way, I always observe the speed limit and stop signs.🙂

  4. Anonymous

    it’s nice up there.

    although, there’s two (two!) churches.

    so much traffic & bedlam, it’s a wonder the volvo can make it thru on sundays.

  5. anonymous

    Oh poor Spring House. Knew it back in the day. It’s been murdered by a bad decorator. Call the house police.