New listings and not so new

12 Baldwin Farms is back, now at $5.7 million. Started at $12.495 (guffaw) back in 2007, went to its lender via foreclosure, eventually, and they in turn sold it to Summit Development who tried without success to sell it at various prices, starting at $7.499 and ending  lower. Third time the charm? I’m not sure – it’s now five years old and, overpriced or not, that’s a lot of buyers who’ve looked and passed on this place. It’s got to appeal to someone, at some price, but I’m not sure who those buyers are or what that price will be.

101 Indian Head Road in Riverside is a new land listing, one acre, $2.995, but the listing says there are “protected parties”, meaning someone’s standing in the wings, ready to snatch it if and when another buyer appears. Not worth the effort.

114 Hendrie Ave

114 Hendrie Ave

114 Hendrie Avenue, $790,000, on that part of the street that plunges down from the school to Binney Park, is on for the first time since its owners bought it in 1947 (!). I don’t know what they paid for it then but its safe to say it was less than $800K. Worth visiting if only to see what passed for a new, acceptable house back in the immediate post-war era. 1,170 sq.ft., a couple of bedrooms sharing a bath and that’s about it – probably raised a half-dozen kids in here, all of whom grew up to be better citizens than the drug dealers we’re breeding up in the back country.

But I digress.


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24 responses to “New listings and not so new

  1. LAK

    Interesting, but sq footage is too small.

    Prob needs updating inside for that price!

  2. Inagua

    That Baldwin Farms monstrosity suggests that the day of the ugly, pretentious builder’s special McMansion might have passed. Speaking of big, ugly, and pretentious, is there any news on the Stanley Cheslock place?

    • Latest listing notes “subdivision application pending”. Hate to say mean things about Stan, but I don’t see how he gets square with his lenders and still retains ownership. The question then is, what the hell is a bank going to do with this elephant? I think I hear the sound of bulldozers rumbling.

    • Anonymous

      I sort of agree that the builders turbo McMansion days are ending. Efficient market theorists can be pleased, people with the dough have more choice and can be more choosy. That may include smaller homes in some cases. However it is bad enough that the P+Z have all their arbitrary restrictions, far better that the marketplace dictates what it wants than somebody else decrees what is too big, too Chateau like, too shingled, too whatever.

      • The era is not entirely dead – have you seen that huge stone pile being erected on lower Lake Avenue the past two years or so? I have no idea how big it is or will end up being but it’s a big one. That said, yes, the market can take care of size issues far better than the P&Z making up rules to placate jealous neighbors. When the demand for maxi-pads disappears, they’ll stop being built, end of story. What happens to the ones already built is an interesting question. I suspect some, like Cheslock’s Folly up on Taconic will be scraped but others will probably continue on, slowly deteriorating and occupied by lower and lower rungs of the social strata until poof! They go too.
        My great-grandfather’s mansion in Pittsburg, circa 1880, suffered that fate. When he died in 1910 it was, Im told, still magnificent, with (real) Tiffany windows, gorgeous mahogany woodwork, etc. By the end of WWII both it and the neighborhood were in shabby shape and when a junkie burned it down in the early 60s there was no one around anymore who cared. Sic transit gloria and all that.

  3. Another Reader

    Awwww, that’s so sweet! I love this stuff! (Veteran Greenwich residents who have lived in the same house for 65 years!) Being a researcher, I looked up the owner, and sure enough, he was born in Greenwich and previously lived on Porchuck Rd. with his parents (according to the 1940 census). He then fought for our country in WWII, and now I guess it’s time to move on.

  4. greenwich dude

    love the writing, blog, your worldview, all that stuff, but there is one area in which we disagree … thought you might find this provocative… check it out. might be worth diving into at some point to see if we’re in deep shit or just more likely to wear shorts in 30 years. personally, i have no idea, but i bet there is something substantive to this whole warming thing:

  5. Daniel

    I remember it was global cooling in the 70’s. Maybe group think is in play. Also, I remember scientific history said eugenics was valid. And lets not forget what happened to Nicolaus Copernicus when he went against the grain.

  6. D

    Is a hanging refrigerator where you hang the huge chunk of ice the dude delivers? I’m obviously too young to have a clue, but I’d like to walk the house just to find out… bet its the tip of the iceberg.

  7. Afan

    Entertaining last sentence in this posting…can you explain the back to back prepositions ?

  8. Real Torme

    Photos are attached to the listing.

  9. pulled up in OG


    And that means what, exactly?

    Besides you gotta keep the rare 1950s GE hanger.

    • Never reviewed the entire gamut of restrictions because I don’t think I ever represented a buyer there when I was doing residential law but the listing agent, Tm Gorin, not only grew up on Wesskum Wood, he knows everything about everything, including deed restrictions of this association and even what a hanging refrigerator is – ask him. There once was a requirement that garages be detached from the main house – whether that still applies I don’t know, but probably not, because most 1947 rules like that have long since been broken and are no longer enforceable.

  10. What is the definition of a McMansion … both generally and in Greenwich??

  11. RaisedinRiverside

    That house on Hendrie actually looks better in the the pictures than it does in real life. In person, it looks abandoned and destined for demolition. The Baldwin Farms house is ridic – besides the McMansion architecture, the builders in all their wisdom decided it would be a good idea for this house to share a driveway with the McMansion next door. Such a shame, it’s a great location.

    • There are many failings of the Baldwin Farms house, though the shared driveway – across a swamp!- is indeed one of them. The builder couldn’t seemed to decide whether to go with the French chateau, French provincial farm house or standard Greenwich maxi-pad look so he combined all three, a little of this, a little of that, “for that eclectic look”. Good God above, it’s a house made for bulldozing.