Oh dear, does this mean we’re going to have to suffer through more wailing about “severe weather and CO2”?


Snow may fall by Christmas. Unprecedented! Everyone in their jets to St. Barts! Blame Bush!



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  1. Almost 3 min., 7.7 earthquake along Pacific Plate well offshore from Japan 10ish days ago..alters Pacific Ocean currents that has effect on Jet Stream/ Polar orientation….
    Did Obama & Hillary pass to much gas when they were visiting that region at the same time ?
    Anyway hoping for a great ski season…..

  2. Anonymous

    Two week minimum in st Barths for Xmas and New Years
    The villa you like in February for 7100/week is now 12,500/week x 2

    • Anon

      I’d like to know where there’s a villa for only $12,500/week. By Anguilla standards at Christmas, that’s dirt cheap. Triple that easily.

    • Anonymous

      My mistake, the ones at 12k/week are gone
      All that is left is indeed 25k/wk up to 125k/wk

  3. The Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Up at Stowe this past weekend and zero natural snow on the ground. Going to be another slow ski year in Vermont.

    • Seems a little early to give up, Ghost, but whatever – I used to live in Lowell, 30 mile north of Stowe on Rt. 100 and while we did sometimes get a foot or more of snow before Thanksgiving, that wasn’t invariable. It’s weather, after all and weather isn’t always predictable.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Axis of evil remains in place….Iran sent advisors to watch North Korea’s successful three stage satelite/rocket launch.


  5. Walt

    Dude –
    I really think that the lib’s obsession with political correctness will be the end of us. A new army manual orders soldiers not to criticize the Taliban, or pedophilia!! And more!! You have to read this:


    Criticize them? We should vaporize the seventh century, towel headed abusers of women and buggerers of boys. The rules of engagement already puts our military at unnecessary risk. Would we have defeated the Krauts, the Jap’s, the Frogs and the Brit’s in WW II with this type of crap? I don’t think so.

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    And Dude –
    Did you see the Pope is now on Twitter? Here is his first tweet:
    Don’t you think he could have had a better first tweet than that? He must be on twitter to show he is in touch and a regular guy.

    Why not “WASSUP BITCHES!!!”, to show he is a regular guy.? That would have been better, I think.

    Or maybe “Did you hear the one about the Priest and the Altar boy?”. Shows he has a sense of humor. Or “Nursing a bitchin hangover from all this red wine…”

    So I was a little disappointed in his start, and I think he came off a bit stiff. So I don’t think I will follow him.
    Will You?
    Your Pal,

  7. AJ

    Since when do you need snow to go skiing? Most places, by the time the lifts open, don’t have any untracked snow left as the intructors and patrouilleurs have already gotten to all the freshies, leaving nothing but beaver balls (death cookies — unfrozen, for you all south of the border).

    Up here you can get untracked first runs, then untracked second runs (except for your first tracks) to admire your carving skills. On weekdays you can get about two hours of skiing before all the freshies are gone, then it’s into the bumps that for some reason everyone seems to avoid — could it be all those rock hard gnarly icy ridges sticking up out of two feet of untracked pow (little do they know the pow makes it easier)? After two hours in the bumps, skiing every possible line and leaving everyone of them perfectly round, just like in the movies, the civilians start to venture in now that it looks safe, and it’s time to go home.

    What do you want real snow for? It just brings out the crowds, and after an hour it’s just thousands of piles of crud with thousands of spots of rock hard ice in between. Look at most peoples faces: they are not having fun, and long for the more familiar scraped hardpack. Chatter, chatter, skid skid — Hey that’s not skidding, it’s called feathering your edges, aka, edge control. Don’t forget to put a bevel on the side of you edges, for a sharper than 90° edge — most shops will do 2° base bevel and no side bevel. I think 2° is much to sloppy (forgiving) and prefer 1 1/2° base bevel with an 88° side bevel — and don’t forget to dull (detune) those tips and tails, so you don’t get locked into a turn (snap, there goes your acl).

    Hunta is open, not too crowded today (weekdays are good) and only a couple of hours away. Whadda ya waiting for? Hunta Web cams, en direct (Let’s all sing the Hunta anthem: “Did you see how outta control I was on that run, whoa”) but it’s not as crazy as Vernon Valley, now Mountain Creek, which when I skied it, had trails with four way intersections without stop signs and twenty million buses, very long disorderly lift lines, but I was able to sleeze my way through in ten or fifteen minutes: http://www.huntermtn.com/huntermtn/webcams.aspx