Regressives: so what’s the problem? Just raise taxes!


California leads the way in state employee pay (and the race to bankruptcy)


Payroll data compiled by Bloomberg on 1.4 million public employees in the 12 most populous states show that California has set a pattern of lax management, inefficient operations and out-of-control costs. From coast to coast, states are cutting funding for schools, public safety and the poor as they struggle with fallout left by politicians who made pay-and-pension promises that taxpayers couldn’t afford.

“It was completely avoidable,” said David Crane, a public-policy lecturer at Stanford University.

“All it took was for political leaders to think more about the general population and the future, rather than their political futures,” said Crane, a Democrat who worked as an economic adviser to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican. “Citizens should be mad as hell, and they shouldn’t take it anymore.”

And here’s a guy who undoubtedly is planning to move to Connecticut so he can get a raise:

The story of one prison psychiatrist shows how pay largesse has spread.

Mohammad Safi, graduate of a medical school in Afghanistan, collected $822,302 last year, up from $90,682 when he started in 2006, the data show. Safi was placed on administrative leave in July and is under investigation by the Department of State Hospitals, formerly the Department of Mental Health.


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6 responses to “Regressives: so what’s the problem? Just raise taxes!

    • That’s an encouraging trend. Now if we can get to pre-war (WWII) levels, we’ll really be getting somewhere.
      Besides, it says here that there have been, net, 143,000 federal “workers” aded to the payroll since January, 2009, when the current occupant of the White House took over, and federal employment is now back above 2,000,000, a figure not seen since Clinton’s reign.

    • Inagua

      It has become sadly typical of JRH to change the subject. Our host’s post dealt with state employees, and JRH came back with a comment about federal employees.

      So, to return to the original subject, here in California the number of state and local employees is not the problem. It is the cost of these employees. California government at all levels now spends 80 cents of every dollar on employee costs.

  1. Atticus

    Jerry Brown is trying to blame previous admins – HE was the worst offender. He gave collective bargaining rights to the state unions and it took off from there.