So what’s a “hanging refrigerator”?

A reader asked, another reader points out that the listing for 114 Hendrie Ave has a picture of one and by golly, he’s right – here it is:

What will they think of next?

What will they think of next?


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15 responses to “So what’s a “hanging refrigerator”?

  1. JRH

    That’s pretty awesome.

  2. Is she calling Santa for me ?
    Hope so….

  3. anonymous

    Our neighbors in Cleveland Park in Washington had one in the 60s. Their daughter famously said of it, “My father doesn’t even know how to open the refrigerator door.”

  4. Cos Cobber

    Calling directors of Mad Men – another amazing onsite shooting location beckons.

  5. D

    Wow. That’s awesome. Can’t believe it didn’t catch on.

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    It’s the refrigerator version of a Murphy Bed. Neat!

  7. D

    Someone needs to send this to GE and get them back in the game. Anyone know why they stopped making it? Seems like a great idea…

    • Here’s a link to someone’s Flick’r page with photos from an untouched and never used 1950s kitchen, including the hanging refrig. Cool.

      • Great pictures but I’d love to learn the backstory of how a house built in the 1950s was never occupied? These pictures were taken in 1997, so almost fifty years? That’s a long time to sit empty.

    • Anonymous

      This is an expensive refrigerator at $790,000! Isn’t this a tear-down? Chris, what’s the deal, I thought 2007 was over?

      • Land values have held up better than houses. There was a time when a lot like this would have been priced at $900,000. Not saying it would have sold for that much but….
        This is on the railroad tracks but the recent sale of new construction on Miltiades for $3.2 (or around there) may give builders confidence in building near the tracks.

  8. Peg

    I just closed on a home that had a dishwasher installed so that no bending was necessary. Makes sense to me; why must we essentially do aerobics to get our plates in & out of the appliance?

  9. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    That fridge is a hoot! How do I get me one? But more importantly, do you think the current owners like PASTELS??? They might have been missing a baby blue room, but other than that, all the pastels seem to be covered!

  10. AJ

    The lady of the house at home in her office. Even a spot for the swivel chair under the counter.

  11. pokerone

    Oh man does this bring me back to the early ’60s. My father’s best friend bought a tract house, north of Boston, with one of these, in pastel pink. GE made them for contractors, you couldn’t buy one, you had to order dozens or more at a time.

    They also had radiant heating, forced hot water through copper heating coils in the concrete slab of the house that had to be replaced in the late ’80s but that’s why jackhammers were made.