Walter Noel throws a 4th year anniversary party at Round Hill Club


December 11, 2008 was the day Bernie Madoff was arrested and Walt’s Greenwich Fairfield Madoff Fund Feeder closed its doors so abruptly. Bernie’s life has been constricted since that sad day but not Walt’s, who continues to globe trot with family and kin, whooping it up at charity balls and island resorts. Is this a great country or what?



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44 responses to “Walter Noel throws a 4th year anniversary party at Round Hill Club

  1. Inagua

    Walt and the Boys paid themselves almost $1 billion for funneling investor’s money to Bernie. That was roughly the aggregate amount that the investors lost. And Walt and the Boys got to keep over 90% of this ill-gotten loot. Walt personally netted about $150 million.

    Walt essentially got away with stealing his investors money. He is a man without any sense of shame or honor.

  2. Anonymous

    truly revolting.

    karma will have its day.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Will karma have it’s day? So far, it looks doubtful….

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Hmm – perhaps I am misinformed – what happens Dec. 21?

    • I think that’s when the world’s supposed to end according to the Mayan calendar. I’ll admit I haven’t been following the story too closely – if it’s true, what can I do about it and if it doesn’t happen, then why bother? But sometime around the 21st, any overdue karma is supposed to drop in for a visit.

  5. SF

    Loser son-in-law #5 has a job??!!?!?!
    He is married to Marisa pregnant with baby #4, she’s the one who doesn’t miss a single society event in NY, not a one. He worked at FGG and was complicit with the rest of the people there in scamming investors out of $7.5 BILLION. They have no shame. Classless bunch of people. Nuevo riche..

    • Inagua

      Matt Brown might be a loser, but he is married to a woman whose octogenarian father has over $150 million. You don’t think he married her just because she has a face like a horse, do you?

    • cynic

      The FGG website had a lot about the due diligence they did on their investments(i.e., Madoff) so how could the FGG employees. including Noel’s son in law, claim they didnt know anything about anything.

  6. anonymous

    Nice picture of Walt with socialite Jamee Gregory. Jamee and Peter Gregory. My dinner with Andree’s Andree Gregory’s sister in law. She writes pretty books about high society entertaining. Maybe she wrote about Walter’s big party.

  7. Catholic School

    Righteous indignation doesn’t even come close to expressing most people’s opinion about these charlatans. WHY THE F*** HASNT ANYONE BEEN ARRESTED ? This blog has discussed many an insider case on Round Hill Road, and beyond, and most of which have received the WSJ exposure as well. Please tell me there’s worse to come for this bunch. Ask anyone who’s involved in the fund of funds business (plenty on town) and see how many have the structure that are similar to Fairfield Greenwich. Thankfully I didn’t have any skin in the game but its unbelievable that any single person from that family (all apparently beneficiaries) can put their face in front of a lens between here and Manhattan.

  8. Peg

    Sometimes, a disgusting low life does not meet with a bad end – at least, not on the face of it. Perhaps the only consolation is that Walt will forever be known as someone who stole, cheated enormously for self and overall is a cipher of a human being.

    It’s nice to think that those who live life as it ought to be lived get rewarded – and vice versa. Alas; sometimes it’s not that way at all. Walt is a perfect example.

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    You and Lizard Boy need to learn to chill. All this pent up anger isn’t healthy.

    And you don’t think I have paid the price? I have spent four long years pandering to this crowd:

    LOOK AT THEM!! You think I have it easy? Every one of them has been hit by the ugly stick, and dressed like clowns. Worse, they don’t know one decent Priest and the Rabbi joke amongst all of them. My best stuff – gook jokes, midget jokes, retard jokes, seems to fall on deaf ears with this crowd. And forget about the pull my finger stuff. It is lost on this crowd. I did it to Tina Pray and she thought it was a harbor fog horn.

    They name their kids Beau, and then make him wear a bow tie. Why not just slap a propeller beanie cap on him and call him douche bag?

    Anyhows, Alix looks like she could use some extra oats, and I beat McCloy in the bushy eyebrow contest.

    And can you believe its been four years?
    Time really does fly!! You loser.

    Your Pal,

  10. cynic

    Look at the other Board members with this guy! A pretty august bunch. Plus he now works for a FINRA regulated firm–how do they let him keep his license? When he does something else slimy again, they will all act surprised. AS a hardworing honest financial services professional (and I am in the minority), this whole thing makes me sick.

    • I spent a large portion of my legal career dealing with the NASDAQ and NYSE enforcement divisions, then, briefly, FINRA, when they combined. I was not convinced that they had the best interests of private investors high on their priorities list. Mary Shapiro, outgoing head of the SEC, used to run NASDAQ’s enforcement division. Same comment.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    I have been around these girls at parties and events and I must say – there truly is no shame. It is staggering to me how they swan around! People whisper behind their backs but are all smiles when they come around to chat and discuss the usual cocktail nonsense. I have to admit at being at a loss in how to behave. Throw a martinii in their faces and scream “Scoundral! Thief!” I think not. At least I am uncomfortable doing that. I just hope the authorities catch them, close the bank accounts and send them packing to Club Fed. It does not look like that is going to happen. Crime does pay, I suppose.

  12. Anonymous

    Walter Noel was a massive fraud but only one of his daughters worked for the business, although all clearly prospered indirectly from the fraud. I agree with some of the comments, but what are they supposed to do, join a convent and disappear? I am not sure what the right balance is but at the end of the day they were not the criminals.

    • another stb 4 me

      @ anonymous: regarding the Noels, the issue is their lack of propriety in parading after the taint on their wealth and the fact that society continues to welcome them…it’s bizarre

    • Inagua

      What are the Noels supposed to do? Exactly what many other inadvertent beneficiaries of Madoff’s crime did, refund the money so it could go to the victims. Walter Noel lied about doing due diligence, collected over $175 million in fees for acting as a salesman for the Madoff Ponzi Scheme, and has never expressed any remorse for his deceit, or offered any compensation to his victims. He is a liar, a cheat, and a thoroughly reprehensible human being. He has also sired a stable of publicity seeking, self centered daughters that make public nuisances of themselves wherever they go.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Sorry Anon – but I think they are criminals – at least their husbands participated in a crime – whether they knew the Madoff fun was a criminal enterprise has yet to be proven. Nevertheless, they should restore the stolen money to the people to whom they supposedly provided fiduciary services. You think Walter Noel did any due diligence? I think not. Either he is a criminal or criminally stupid. Either way he is guilty – of participating in a crime, aiding and abetting a crime or criminal negligence.

    • Anonymous

      Walter is guilty as sin and he and his partners and employees should pay back all their savings. I am in no disagreement there. My question is what should his daughters do, in your opinion? Never go out in public again?

      • Well that might be justified just on their looks alone.

      • Anon

        I suggest the girls do like other crime boss daughters do- have a reality show. If Victoria Gotti can do it, so can the Noel’s. Call it The Five Horsewomen of Apocalyptic Greenwich.
        And Walt, as they say Hay is for Horses!!
        Seriously, I do think the girls should drop off the social scene. It’s particularly egregious and egotistical. If they want to live off the fat of their daddy, let them do so, but without forcing the rest of us to see or be seen with them. I often wonder the stupidity of any host who puts one of these girls on the guest list. There’s the real problem.

    • The Governor

      Why crucify the children? They had no hand, act or part in any alleged wrong-doings. Why should they hide away, just because of allegations against their father? Typical stone throwing from the mommy’s club.

      • A liberal like you defending ill-gotten wealth? Must have a guilty conscience. And those aren’t “allegations” of Walter Noel’s thievery, they’re proven facts.

      • Inagua

        Four of the five daughters are married to men who were partners in crime with Walt. These four plus Walt and Monica are living off money that was stolen from investors. Only daughter Ariane, who is married to an honest man and lives abroad, is innocent.

      • Gov: Guilty the daughters are, guilty as sin, for continuing to use that ill-gotten gain for their own sybaritic lifestyle. If any one of them had a conscience, they would refuse money from their dad. Move on. Live their own life, flip hamburgers for god’s sake. These women are not stupid. You can’t tell me that not one has Googled “Walter Noel Complicit…”. They don’t want to know. And by keeping their heads in the sands of Mustique, and hands out for Daddy Cash, they continue the wrong-doing. How you can’t see that is way beyond me. And enough of the mommy club crap. As GG said, you either got dumped by a woman who realized what a jerk she was married to or your mother was mean to you growing up. I tell my children: the true mettle of a man is how he treats women, his mother particularly. You don’t even rate an F.

        • The Governor

          Give these girls a chance, EOS. They’re either innocent – in which case they’re completely uninformed cretins (like at least some of the Greenwich housewives on this site – present company excepted); otherwise they’d be considered smart, in the know, money- grabbers (like the intelligent, informed Greenwich housewives on this site). Either way, you’re right – they’re women who must be respected; and as you tell your children – women must be treated right.

  14. Noel's Nightmare Ghost

    Like an anniversary reaction. Live on Colin.

  15. And the winner is....? by a nose -

    30 comments guaranteed whenever you mention Noel

  16. Anonymous

    With all the hullabaloo people seem to get into in this town over otherwise trivial matters, it’s a sad commentary on the morality of many (and that means YOU, charity organizers) who don’t have the balls to tell the Noel family they’re not welcome. Not only that, but to GTFO. If I were organizing an event, I would not accept their money nor their presence. They’re a disgrace.

  17. Hu Nhu?

    Walt many thanks for the Wounded Warrior Benefit link: Some of the “Philanthropists” appear to have had tons more reconstructive surgery than the wounded warriors. How is that possible?

  18. Greenwich Gal

    Anon at 12:27. Although I agree with you on principle that is virutally impossible to manage. They have not been proven gulity of anything and if tickets are available to an open event, it is wrong not to sell them entrance. There could be legal ramifications there – denying individuals entrance to a public event – even though it would be doubtful the Noel’s would pursue it. WHERE IS THE SEC???

    • Inagua

      GG – While the Noels have the undeniable right to inject themselves into public events, surely anyone with a sense of propriety has a duty not to encourage them by acknowledging their presence. The Noels should simply be ignored. They live for attention and social acceptance; if it were denied, they would fold and wilt. Shame on anyone who speaks to any member of this exhibitionist gang of thieves.

  19. Anonymous

    GG, If I had big enough clout to be a major charity organizer, and the Noel’s sued me for denying them entrance, I’d hire Mr. Fountain here to represent me. Surely he’d take it on, pro bono of course!

  20. Inagua

    It doesn’t take much to organize or go to these minor league charity events like the Wounded Warrior party. The approximately 200 social climbers who exhibited themselves for the camera and each other donated only an aggregate of $22,000 or only a bit over $100 per public nuisance. Every necktie and handbag on display cost more than that.

  21. SF

    Go to, the society event photographer’s website, and type in Marisa Noel or Marisa Brown (she dropped Noel after 2009). Look at all the dates and all the events this woman attends, week after week, year after year. She’s trash and so is her husband. And why not have baby #4.. never home..always at society events.. nuts. Now there’s a good mother.

  22. Jail House Calling Bourke too

    Obama pardon in the wings courtesy of former Sen Mitchell?

  23. anonymous

    Scroll down and there’s Monica Noel (not the above pictured Jamee Gregory) in today’s New York Social Diary at the ultimate social climber’s gathering, the pay for annual Christmas lunches at Doubles Club in NYC. No one who is anyone has gone to those lunches for 20 years, and has quit Doubles long ago. A little late to the party..

  24. bob mayo

    Funny this all comes up, but today I arrived in nyc today for a few days with my family. Around 3:30 pm I walk out of dylan’s on 60 & 3rd and I am not shitting you she and her son and a dog walk right by me. Cannot believe I recognized. She did not look good, definately prego but vidibly shaken or upset.

    However, the weird thing is she comes walking back down the sidewalk again upset and looking like she was going to cry.I thought of this site when I saw and was going to take a picture, but felt weird and also bad, more so for the little boy.

    Just thought I would share a sighting, should have snapped a quick photo.