He’s got my vote

Drew Marzullo will seek reelection. If you don’t know Drew, you should. He does old fashioned constituent work and I don’t mean Chicago style, just that he’s the official to approach when you can’t seem to wring an answer out of anyone else in town government. Drew listens – he’s been trying, for instance, to get the opposing sides of the Cos Cob synagogue together, at least to talk, and doesn’t seem to have any particular political axe to grind. For a Democrat, he’s almost respectable.

Plenty of time between now and next year to decide, of course, but keep an eye out for news reports on Drew and I believe you’ll see what I mean – a good man to have in our government.


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19 responses to “He’s got my vote

  1. cos cobber

    Drew seems like a good guy. I agree, no axe to grind (Frank, how ’bout you?!) Or special agenda. And seems to be available, and on the scene without having to turn every crisis into a Chuck Schumer press event (Frank!?). 🙂

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I smell a rat here. I think you are trying to install a puppet government in Greenwich, with you pulling all the strings. You have cleverly crafted a secret troika, where you install this Lee Mazzili character as President of Greenwich, with Francis as his puppet Vice President AKA “Flunky in Waiting”.

    Lee crapped out as a baseball manager, so why would he do any better running Greenwich? Because that is what you want!! You EVIL, EVIL, MAN!!

    You pretend to be a conservative blogger, yet you partner with Francis, the most blind liberal in all of Greenwich. Why would that be? Then you use the power of your blog to win over the reader. Then you come out and back another lib in Mazzili. You consolidate power, place the puppets in office, while you call all the shots!! I KNOW IT!! This has been your plan all along.

    BRILLIANT I SAY!! You have no moral compass, no sense of right from wrong, no loyalty to any beliefs, just an insatiable, uncontrollable urge for power and money. Things I can relate to!! Can I get cut in on this? 60/40 my favor.

    Your Pal,

  3. Milanese


  4. CatoRenasci

    He might be OK if he weren’t a Democrat. Democrat = raise taxes more and spend more and take on Town debt. No thanks. The only Democrat in Town I’d vote for is – if I mention the name it might disqualify him or her, so I won’t – but there is one very sensible, fiscally conservative, socially liberal Democrat I know from RTM work whom I would vote for as First Selectman in a heartbeat.

  5. Drew Marzullo

    Thank you Chris!

  6. Good Listener?

    Then why does this town have over 150 cops with pensions waiting? What a rip off. Downsize already Greenwich. How many hedge funds have to close to get the message. The money well is drying up already!

  7. Walt

    Lee –
    I don’t know much about you, but if the Dude is endorsing you, well that is your problem. But he has piqe..he has peeqed.. He has gotten me curious. I read the linked article, and, if I may be so bold, can I ask you some questions, and make some constructive suggestions? Thank you!!

    Firstly, the picture of you in the article. You are a young man, only 42, so dye the gray hair, and consider a rug. You look much older than 42. Is it the stress of being in EMS?

    Does being described as “Greenwich’s first openly gay public office holder” bother you? Why is that even relevant? Do people really care?

    Do you feel you have ever been discriminated against for being gay? More so than for being a white male? Do you support Barney Frank solely because he is gay, or does it bother you that he is a moron, no matter what his sexual persuasion?

    And why do gays do Halloween so much better than everyone else? It really pisses me off.

    I hope you join the ranks of the reader, and I wish you continued success in your secret troika with the Dude and Francis.

    I have a lot more questions but I will start you out slow.
    Your Pal,

  8. TraderVic

    I’ve never run into him personally, but I agree. Drew Marzullo seems quite reasonable. He is trying hard to rise above. Kudos.

  9. Drew Marzullo

    Dear Walt,
    To answer your question…..being described as Greenwich’s first openly gay public office holder does not bother me one bit but I do take offense to the gray hair comment. It does Anderson Cooper well.

    Happy Halloween!

  10. Walt

    Lee –
    OK. You passed the test. With flying colors!! You get it, and made me laugh out loud. And not at the Dude!! A libtard with a sense of humor!!

    You are a rare breed, and I like you already. Even though you are probably a commie.

    Now pull the stick out of Francis’s ass, and tell him to get with the program. I will vote for you, and support the Dude’s evil little plan.

    The gray worked on Anderson Cooper because everyone knew his Mom was Gloria Vanderbilt, and she scared the shit out of everyone. She was frightening!! So everyone gave him a pass for the gray. You need a coloring. Trust me on this. While I am not gay, I have impeccable taste. You hetero phobe.

    And I do a pretty good Halloween for a straight guy.
    Your Pal,

  11. greenwich dude

    attention: walt is the best

  12. winstonthegreat

    I miss Lou caravella. Maybe Randy can switch parties and run as well?

  13. Balzac

    Great response by Drew.

    Is anyone else puzzled by the Town committing another $2.4 million to the previous $3.6 million and $22.8 million to rebuild the Witherell nursing home?
    This project alone consumes 10% of our Town debt limit for 20 years. There are 169 towns in Connecticut. 168 of them have concluded that owning a nursing home is not a municipal government function. On the other hand, Greenwich has concluded by a 90%-10% vote at the RTM that it is an absolute necessity. Meanwhile management projects to require $20 million in town subsidy over the next 20 years, and more if the private fundraising falls short of their target of $9.3 million (amount raised in the last 2 years: $250,000). Oh, and if management’s projection of Medicaid reimbursements is off by 1% annually over the next 27 years, that will cost the town another $50 million. Anybody want to bet on that? 2% is $100 million. You will pay this bill. The real beneficiaries of the town subsidy ($1 million this year, $2 million next) are the Teamsters, thru the above-market subsidy to their wages (78% above prevailing). The payroll above prevailing is $1.8 million annually. Is there another Teamsters-represented nursing home in the state? On the planet? Apparently the taxpayer must shoulder this forever, and be happy to do so.

    This lack of vision will end badly, in a decade or so, when the losses become too large, the burden finally too much for the taxpayer (who cares about him, the poor shlub?). Then and only then, will the Town make the decision that 168 Towns came to long ago……

  14. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Drew has my vote! He is a stand-up guy and it is good to have a bipartisan group of selectman. Drew has earned people’s respect and he truly represents what is good about the town of Greenwich. And in case you’re wondering, I am not a family member. I’ve never even spoken to the man but I do appreciate his hard work and contribution to our town government. Thanks Drew and wishing you continued success.

  15. 3G

    Wow. Drew is a nice guy and should get your vote. What politician doesn’t put on the nice guy face to get votes. Once they’re in office they may still be nice but will foist expenses on us that will burden us for years after they have retired and are on the public dole. What else is new. Don’t forget the fiscal problems we are having now were all put in place by “nice guys” from the past. I would rather have a mean bastard that will cut spending.

  16. The only parties that should matter are real parties, Greenwich does them best, a model for the Universe. Tonight included !!!!!
    The 3 Townies that will be re-elected are the real Greenwich, not just petty party politics.
    Help them save the fiscal nose dive that city slicker Robert Moses worshipers have inflicted on us for the last 50 years.
    As 3rd World politics capture DC again it is time for our Town to lead.
    Lower government spending is our only chance.
    How can that be done ?
    Rely on intellectual resources and true dedication to our Town is a good start, all of our Selectmen are there.
    Where are we?
    DC wannabes ?
    City wannabes ?
    End 501C3 BS and get back to our 375 year sustainability model without State and Federal “awards” that cost thousands of staff hours at the too big Town Hall.
    Add my vote to my cents for sense.