It’s awards time in Wally World

Bestest Urinal Cake Eater November, 2012

Bestest Urinal Cake Polisher November, 2012

A reader sends along a link to a Greenwich-Post reprint of a press release that seems from the header (the link itself is broken) to pertain to the monthly announcement of still more triumphs of local realtors. Real estate firms put this crap out, of course, to get their own name in their captive advertising vehicles – that would be both the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time – and to let their agents enjoy a brief millisecond of recognition. When I worked at Raveis, we’d get awards like “Listing Agent of the month” for listing one cheap rental, because that’s all the Old Greenwich office generated that month, or “Salesperson of the Month” or “Exceptional Customer Service” or “Tidiest Picker-upper of the Month”, and so forth. The idea is to find something nice to say about everyone in the office and cobble up a press release noting that you’ve done so.

Most firms engage in this nonsense and I long ago suggested to Fudrucker that we do it too. There are just two of us here in Greenwich at the International World Headquarters of Lockwood & Mead, “The Oldest Names in Greenwich Real Estate”, so my idea was that one month I’d present Francis with the “Salesman of the Month Award” while he in turn would bestow the “Chairman’s Award” on me. We’d switch roles every thirty days but we’d keep those press releases going, full time.

Fuddyrucker liked the idea but we’ve both been kind of busy lately and haven’t gotten around to it. Apparently, some of the other offices in town don’t have that problem.


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15 responses to “It’s awards time in Wally World

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that the Post pulled that press release as its “NEWS” as soon as I sent you the link!

    On the other hand, I googled (a verb to be sure) a sink size a few days ago, and just about every add-bearing website now features, guess what, sinks of that exact dimension.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Stop with “Lockwood and Mead”, you are not fooling anyone with that. Its either “Two Guys and a Computer Realty” or “Property Sharks.”

  3. FF

    We have signed affiliates up in four countries, including Israel, China, Afghanistan and Fredonia.

  4. FF

    Oh, and since we are now at 6 West Putnam Avenue at the top of Greenwich Avenue, we are now the “Highest and Best” real estate firm, if only because Sotheby’s across the street is on a lower floor

  5. AJ

    You need an Al Sharpton style medallion that plays Queen’s “We Are The Champions”.

  6. Anonymous

    Raveis epitomizes the fake it til you make it, win at all costs, shameless, nouveau-riche American greedster. Ughhhhhhhh.

    • Aw, I enjoyed, within reason, my time there-Bill Raveis is a businessman, certainly, so decisions are made with an eye for what’s best for Raevis, but why not? And Greenwich manager Becky Hanley always treated me well. I think (new) agents come to these firms thinking they’ll get some magic that will advance their career further and faster than their own unaided efforts will but that’s not how the business works.
      But I did enjoy getting all those swell “accomplishment” certificates each month.

      • Anonymous

        The worst Raveis marketing piece, from a few years ago, was a high-end “sold listings” mailer where the famous (or not so famous) seller’s name was listed below the house photo. After quickly running out of Rockefellers and Mellons, names like Jeff Bagwell (retired baseball player) appeared–like anyone cares. I was sure these would backfire but the firm continues to grow, more proof that the inmates are now running the asylum.

      • Mrs. Fairchild

        Home-Link destroyed Raveis’ national reputation. Millions of $ were lost by big realtors nationwide (Long & Foster, Daniel Gale, etc) when it went bankrupt and eventually out of business. Bill lost many friends around the country. But his website is fantastic, and he has gone regional from buying out weak realtors or ones who want to retire. He knows how to run a real estate company. Now he has to keep working so his boys won’t take over!