What? Realtors gild the road apple even out west? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

The Wall Street Journal has an article on hunting “camps” for hunters this morning and I’d say that someone was pulling a city slicker reporter’s leg. Of course, who pays prices like these except corporate city slickers who can charge the whole expense off to their shareholders (no, those shareholders are very much not invited to visit), and what do they know from Bullwinkle?

In any event, despite encompassing what a New York City denizen might consider a limitless swath of wilderness, 240 acres is not large enough to hold what the realtor promises will be  “mountain elk, mule deer, antelope and rhinoceroses” (I added that last bit of fauna, but you get the idea). The dudette ranch is in Cody, Wyoming, and close to Grand Teton National Park (where hunting is for all practical purposes forbidden) so it’d be a wonderful spot to hang out – hell, I’d like to live there permanently- but for hunting, either plan on using the surrounding public lands with all the rest of the hoi polloi or better yet, save your money and go on guided hunting trips every year for $10,000 per for the next 750 years.

But if you do buy this place, remember to invite me out next fall.


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6 responses to “What? Realtors gild the road apple even out west? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

  1. Anon

    I have no comment about the merits of buying a dude hunting camp but I was taken by your use of “the hoi polloi”. I grew up being told it was only “hoi polloi”. Found this article that says you and I are both right.
    “There are two linguistic points of interest concerning hoi polloi. The first is whether or not to precede it with ‘the’. Some argue that, since ‘hoi’ means ‘the’ in Greek, then ‘the hoi polloi’ translates as ‘the the many’, so we should omit the article and just say ‘hoi polloi’. Others argue that this is merely pedantic, not to say inconsistent with other uses of articles inherited from others languages; for example, alchemist, which comes from the Arabic, where al means the – and yet no one complains that the alchemist is incorrect. Whatever your views on that, it’s a fact that ‘the hoi polloi’ is so widely used (not least by Dryden, as we see above) that whatever grammarians say about it won’t alter its general usage.

    • Riverside

      Interesting analysis, Anon, thank you. Reminds me of a funny fact about the Georgetown “Hoyas”. The name derives from the term “hoya saxa”, which translates from latin to “what rocks” (originally said about the champion football team decades ago.) So the Georgetown “Hoyas” are basically the Georgetown “Whats”!

  2. chimney

    Actually, Cody is on the edge of Yellowstone, a fur piece from the Tetons.
    It’s a neat little town, home of The Buffalo Bill Museum with a fantastic collection of western art and old guns. It also has a authentic rodeo, and a great little hotel named Irma’s, after Wild Bill’s daughter.
    I’ve seen a lot of elk and deer there, but somehow missed the rhinoceroses- must have been hiding.

    Next hunting season….
    We have it all with only 164 acres….
    Not luck but Teddy and a smidge of due d… thought abutting 89,800 acres of Fed Land would be a good tax free backyard…..
    Number of acres of Long Island Sound ?
    If President Garfield had not been forced into Federally subsidized health care he probably would have been re-elected instead of spending just a couple of months reforming the DC Flu.
    He was rewarded by the largest % of Black Vote until 2008 Election.
    Out of State of Colorado license is $ 200 BUT roof, food etc. on me.
    Respectfully Submitted,