If you have to ask the price …

I can't believe it!

I can’t believe it!

But I’ll tell you anyway: Brother Gideon’s brought 135 Field Point Circle in Belle Haven to market @ a cool $12 million. Occasional water glimpses only, but 2 1/2 acres in perhaps the most prominent location in Belle Haven, so people will see your house and even better, understand your significance to the world. You could be all in for perhaps $20 million here with your new maxi-pad and still be okay so far as values go – land values, that is.


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34 responses to “If you have to ask the price …

  1. anon

    nobody will pay anywhere near that price… 5K sq ft… house looks mediocre… and it’s across the street from the water, not on it…

    • Lookie here, anon, if you’re gonna comment on a post, you simply must read the post first.”Occasional water glimpses” should give even the most casual reader a hint that the house is not on the water (and if it were, duh, we wouldn’t be discussing a mere $12 million listing). “$20 million all in” implies, even to the dullest Belle Haven gardener that the existing house is probably nothing to write home to Grandma about.
      So add something new.

  2. Anon

    So what you are saying is this house is sold “as is”!!??

  3. Cobra

    As all the shots are exterior, it’s fairly clear that the property is being offered as a land sale, not house and land.

  4. Inagua

    Chris, if this place sells for $10 million or better, would it then be fair to say that prime Greenwich is back to peak 2007 valuation?

    • Belle Haven’s something of an exception, but it did take a hit back a few years ago more, I suspect, from basic caution of the wealthy rather than the disappearance of their money. There are still plenty of friends of Barry with cash and now that he’s been reelected they now they’re safe, for now.

      • Inagua

        Speaking of Barry’s reelection, may I suggest you link Glenn’s latest column about one way the Left goes after women voters? It is absolutely terrific.

  5. pulled up in OG


    Only about a long par four to the sewer plant, so this falderal means what?
    They’ve got gas?

  6. Anonymous

    So 20 million for field point circle.
    Ok, so that’s not an option

    Chris, why do you refer to it as a maxi pad?
    I mean, no matter what, all that comes to mind is a bloody, disgusting mess.
    Now, if that’s your intention, then I get it, but really…I just ate dude

  7. AndyD

    Not specific to this house, in general, do these huge $10+m houses still pay 5% real estate commissions? or can you negotiate that down significantly?

    not that i’m anywhere close to having this impact me, but i’ve always wondered, thanks if anybody knows.

  8. D

    Really great dirt. And, hey, an “in ground” pool too!

    • In fact, here’s an instance where the listing should have been more descriptive because, due to its location in the Julian Curtis school district, this house, like all houses in Belle Haven, is required by our zoning laws to have an above-ground pool. Seems harsh, but there you have it.

  9. InfoDiva

    I’m amazed at how modest the house is given its location. Even in 1958, Belle Haven was a prime location and Field Point Circle was, and is, the best of the best. Funny how so many folks didn’t feel the need to be prove anything back in the day.

    • Thomas Watson’s house just down the street and directly on the water was an unpretentious little ranch that sold for either $18 or $23 million some years ago. Of course in that house was an art collection whose value surely dwarfed the value of the building that housed it, but to the causal eye, there must have been a reaction like, “this is the home of IBM?”
      Many of the gracious older (1930s) homes in Deer Park also share the same quality – as you note, those who had accomplished (or inherited) so much didn’t seem to feel a need to boast. Times change, as, of course, do tastes.

      • Perhaps you, gracious host, would re-admit me to the inner circle, or sweat lodge – whatever , at FWIW.

        Your memory is flawed about the Watson Jr. two-acres on Field Point Circle. Nevertheless, it did set a record for a rear lot off a long access strip.

  10. Anonymous

    Because I have to ask, and because I do not know, therefore I will….
    What does this buyer look like, to be “all in” for 20 million?
    Net worth speaking…north of 250?
    I mean, I have a few million bucks, and I feel dirt poor in this town…honestly, what does it take to plunk down 20 large?

  11. Anonymous

    **Hey wealthy readers of FWIW**
    (net worth of 250 million plus only reply please)
    What does it take to plunk down 20 million to be all in for a house in field point circle??
    For us poor people want to know…

  12. anonymous

    Watson’s house on FPC was his “downsize to the waterfront” house, which many rich folk in this town do when the kids leave the nest. His real child rearing house in town was a monster pile off Grahampton. And several other abodes in NYC, Mill Reef, New Hampshire, etc. Brother Gid’s new listing appears to be the consolation prize of another mega rich guy who went after a big parcel down there some time ago, but missed out on it. Wonder if he ever even moved into the place or bought it on spec to develop and has done something else.

  13. Anonymous

    Field Point Circle (where this house is located) is not Belle Haven. Whether it’s worth 12 million or not the market will tell us but regardless- I think it deserves better pictures. I mean, come on now!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Cliff, help me out!

  15. anonymous

    Gee, let me answer your question for you. The guy who owns 135 Field Point Circle also owns and lives in 45 Field Point Circle and is listed as number 385 on the Forbes 400 richest people in the US. That’s how rich you have to be. Of course when Chris was getting his allowance from his Pop, you didn’t need to be that rich to live large around here.

  16. anonymous

    Olive Watson of Meadowcroft Lane in her daughter’s own words:


  17. anonymous

    Yeah. Lucinda Watson’s blog. You’re not the only rich spawn of Greenwich gone by with a blog. You should call her up. Apparently single from what she says elsewhere. To paraphrase her grandmother, “it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich girl as a poor one.”

    • My great grandfather John Caldwell liked to admonish his charges, “remember, children, the poor have their troubles as well as the rich”. A lesson we in the Fountain family still heed today.