Mendacity has consequences

Obama accepts Susan Rice’s withdrawal from consideration as Secretary of State. First glimmer of good news since the election.


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3 responses to “Mendacity has consequences

  1. Her withdrawal from a post to which she was never formally nominated seems raaaaather egotistical to me. The first paragraph of her letter to the President was downright fawning, that she should have signed it “XXOO, Susie Q”!!

    It also doesn’t bring back the four Americans who died because the US ignored the calls for help from Ambassador Stevens. I am sick to my stomach that no one will ever be called to the mat for the deaths of four citizens.

  2. Anonymous

    Watch my right hand, my left is doing nothing.

  3. Anonymous

    Susan Rice is the vehicle through which the administration sought to bury the Benghazi story. Classic Obama: first deflect attention onto what Rice said –as opposed to what Obama and Clinton said — and more critical did and did not do — then ‘resolve’ the entire situation after weeks of focus on Rice-Rice-Rice by having Rice turn down a job she hadn’t even been nominated for. The whole thing was a charade from day 1.

    And, as a bonus, the Dems once again add to the “GOP is racist” narrative. (Think it was an accident they sent a black woman out to peddle the video fairy tale — knowing that there would be criticism — instead of some white male?)

    The hapless GOP has been played, once again.