Nothing is too small for our federal government to worry about

As of January 1st, it will be a violation of federal law to run a television ad louder than the show it appears on. This is what our bureaucrats spend their time and our money on? Can you imagine how many people were paid to draft this regulation and then field, summarize and evaluate a year’s worth of comments from all those affected and who claimed to be affected?  My loopy grandmother used to insist that there be a law like this; she also wanted one that penalized the use of telephone rings during the shows themselves because they confused her when she picked up the phone and found no one there.

Deafness and, later, leukemia quieted Granny’s complaints but it seems her ghost has moved permanently into Washington, where it can cure every little woe of life.


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22 responses to “Nothing is too small for our federal government to worry about

  1. Inagua

    This is precisely the type of regulation that the federal government should impose. Advertisers should not have the right to assault our eardrums by insisting that the volume go up for their message. Three cheers for the bureaucrats who finally enacted this common sense measure.

  2. Tokenekebozo

    Hear,hear Inagua. Almost tempted to give BO a pass on O-care in return for putting an end to one of the more irritating things in life.

    • It’s not that the ads are annoying, it’s whether we need a government so big that it has the time to worry about such lilliputian matters.

      • Anonymous

        Brobdingnagian to me. I don’t ask for much from my elected leaders. The hell with defense, the hell with the national parks, the hell with Social Security, this is a priority. Let me watch Honey Boo Boo in peace without reaching for the remote every time a commercial comes on.

  3. Cobra

    For commercials to be optimally effective, a moderate increase in decibel levels are required so copy may still be heard while target audience members are getting another beer or visiting the loo.

  4. NEFloridaGeek

    I am with the other commenters on this. For a while someone, (the cable companies?, advertisers themselves?) were jacking up the volume on ads to the point where it was necessary to adjust the volume down significantly every commercial break, then readjust back up just to hear the regular programming. This comes under the federal ambit as both interstate commerce and use of the public radio spectrum so state action was pre-empted and there really is no effective market repsonse on the part of the consumer to combat this. The threat of regulation has already put the volume back to “normal”, the fact of it will make it stick.

  5. pulled up in OG

    January 1?

    Went into effect eighteen hours ago.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Legislation passed lame duck, 2010.

  7. kc

    I think that I could, maybe, be just as happy without having to pay a civil servant to adjust my television volume for me. But then I start to think of the risk involved because there’s the chance that I might make a mistake somehow or might even fail to realize what’s the commercial and what’s the program or who knows what? I suppose that I should just be grateful that a trained government expert is willing to do this for me.

  8. Anonymous

    When you’re running trillion dollar deficits, it’s good they really focus on the important stuff. Next thing you know they will be telliing us what kind of lightbulbs we can buy.

  9. Anonymous

    Cobra, Such wisdom, such wit, too cute!

  10. This has been the law for decades. My father, who worked in broadcast TV in the 50’s and 60’s, hated it when the commercials blared out – and knew (and told me, repeatedly) the studios were either blatantly disregarding the law or were just too lazy to normalize volume levels.

    This is at best a modern updating of a very old law. Funny how it’s news.

  11. Chimney

    Hasn’t anyone ever heard of my favorite button: the mute? It completely solves the problem.

  12. Many of the ads are better than the shows….
    Did they put this off ’til after the election ?

  13. AJ

    Does anybody actually watch television without the remote and mute button being within a half-second reach. Next you’ll want the government to get up and go to the bathroom for you.

  14. Artie

    They had the volume up so loud so that people couldn’t hear themselves think. (think about things like, “Why would anyone vote for this guy, again?” or “I wonder what my house is worth?” or “Maybe this is the day I should get off of federal assistance.”

  15. Sound Beacher

    Who watches TV in “real time” we Tivo most shows and fast forward thru the commercials, take so much less time that way.