One tiny mistake gets blown all out of proportion

Colored Congressman apologizes for using the word “midget” on House floor.

The Georgia Democrat used the word — offensive to some, who prefer the term “little people” to describe those with dwarfism, he noted today — in a metaphor about the Michigan labor situation in which he made a point about an unfair matchup. “What happens when you put a giant with a midget in a cage fight?” he asked rhetorically.

Today, he said he has since learned that the language is “no longer socially acceptable,” much like the “n-word,” which he said used to be widely used but is no longer. “It was out of ignorance, not spite or hatred,” he said. “I will never use that term again.”

He called it a “learning moment.”

Good lord, what will the meddlers do next – ban loud TV commercials?


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15 responses to “One tiny mistake gets blown all out of proportion

  1. Inagua

    Very clever headline, Chris. One of your best.

  2. LAK

    Cant call a Custodian a “Janitor”. He gets very insulted!
    Flight Attendant vs Stewardess
    Chef vs Cook
    Nanny vs Au Pair or Governess
    Cop vs “Flatfoot” oh boy, hope I dont get in trouble for this one! LOL

  3. You called it. During One More Thing on The Five, Andrea reported that Congress has done just that. Bipartisanship that works.

  4. GPD Folk

    LAK…you’re in Deep Sh*t

  5. Cos Cobber

    Ah, its fun to see CF’s blog seems to be monitored rather closely by the police.

  6. Ever Notice?

    All the really old houses usually attract short couples and their kids.

    Really old houses generally have low ceilings and the houses ramble.

    Short people feel more comfortable in old houses.

    I am right. Short people usually have a chip on their shoulder about being short.

    Randy Newman would agree with me.

  7. anonymous

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. NAACP. Hmmm. Sorry?

  8. Gweilo

    You are too funny to wake up to in the morning!

  9. Banning loud TV commercials would be the most useful thing government has done in decades.

  10. pulled up in OG

    Most tossers prefer dwarfs.

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    Do you post this stuff just to piss me off? WELL IT’S WORKING!!

    I am as passionate about free speech as you are about light bulbs.

    Where does it say in the Constitution you are protected from being offended? WHERE??? Just because some splinter group, or royal pain in the ass, doesn’t like something, we all need to go along? What the frig is that all about?

    WHO IS MAKING THESE DECISIONS??? AND WHY?? What is wrong with homo? Or Paki? They are abbreviations. Same thing with Pollack or PR. Why is Midget worse than Short Person? Can we no longer say Midget Pony? It has to be Short Horse? Vertically challenged instead of midget? We worry about this crap as our Nation sinks into oblivion? We need more no nonsense talk, not less.

    The retards don’t care if we call them retards. The real retards prefer ‘Intellectually Challenged”. Give me a break, you frigging retards.

    Is fat ok? Is obese ok? Or are they weight challenged? Let’s just go with fat fucking slobs, so we are all clear on this, Ok?

    This PC stuff offends me. And it is dangerous. WHY DON’T I GET A VOTE ON THIS? WHO IS DECIDING THIS CRAP?

    I really want to know, you fat fucking, midget retard, towel headed camel jockey, homo, mongoloid lunatic.

    Not you Dude. The PC police.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I feel better now.

    You bony assed, lily white, no talent, dirt selling WASP. And your Momma wears combat boots.

    You fag.
    Your Pal,

  12. Anonymous

    The Georgia Democrat is Mark Johnson, the same guy who thought Guam would tip over. You can’t make this stuff up – you wonder how he has been able to remain in Congress. The Guam video never gets old. Link below for your entertainment pleasure.

  13. whatever

    They just did ban loud commercials in legislation put forward by Shelden Whitehouse senator from RI. Not all government is bad and I for one am greatful for this oversite.