Time to trundle Mama off to the Witherell and sell the house out from under her

Granny's kitchen

Granny’s kitchen

The low end market – under $1 million is hot – no inventory to speak of and lots of buyers, which means almost anything will sell, in any condition.

23 Mianus and 18 Annjim, $979,000 and $895,000, respectively, both report contracts today and with all respect to the late owner of AnnJim, a jurist I admired, his house was, to use a technical real estate term, a real POS. Gone in nine days nonetheless, as is everything in this category. So if an adorable senior citizen in your family is still occupying her bungalow, tying up capital that rightfully should be yours, now’s the time to get her out of there.

In another price range, but the Riverside equivalent of “low end”, 26 Meadow Road finally reports a contract. It started at $2.495, far too high for this house (that’s not just my opinion, it was the market’s judgement) but once it was marked down to $1.999 it found a buyer. I really liked this house and its neighborhood, but $2 1/2 million was stretching it.


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12 responses to “Time to trundle Mama off to the Witherell and sell the house out from under her

  1. D

    Amazing… 23 Mianus is truly terrifying…

  2. anonymous

    Who were Ann and Jim?

  3. calling all beverly hillbilly types

    bottom feeders…starting to sound like port chester…the beauty of greenwich were yrs ago when people lived here because they belong here..now all the underlings want to sponge off the good graces of the few rich left in town.

  4. Reaction

    The beauty of your commenters is that you win if you can get Mr Fountain to write a comment about your comment

  5. Anonymous

    the beauty of greenwich is today when ol’ beverly hills up there gets his teeth knocked out for being such a pompous ass, whereas years ago he’d be able to hide behind winthorpe the butler….

    contrast that with today where the butler is likely miguel and the teeth-knocker-outer is probably a cousin.


  6. Anon

    I must be slow or just plain stupid. I think the house on Annjim looks cute. Someone’s first place. I even like the kitchen cupboards. Add new appliances. Keep the retro formica counters. Why is it a POS?

  7. Guest

    All these houses look very nice from the pictures.

  8. Guest

    Actually the house on Mimosa asking in the high 9’s is still for sale. Seems like a good buy, or not?