And the circus begins

Acting on Obama’s wise adage, “don’t let a tragedy go  to waste”, the press and its president and all the usual suspects rushed to turn yesterday’s carnage into a vehicle to extend their war on guns to their next target, the “assault rifle” , which they define as any weapon that is scary enough to alarm those unfamiliar with weapons – the term has no meaning otherwise, and  refers to no particular attributes of the gun itself. Yesterday’s poster child is  “the Bushmaster”, the civilian model of the M-16, modified to prevent automatic fire. That the gun was found locked in the trunk of the madman’s car makes no difference: most media outlets don’t mention that at all, and those that do evade that distinction by describing it as “found at the scene of the massacre” and continue from there. A 9MM pistol, which was in fact the weapon used, is more powerful than an AR-15, shoots just as quickly and to my eye, at least, is just as ugly and menacing as the Bushmaster, but the marching order here is to focus on “assault rifles”, with pistols to be addressed later, so for today, the weeping media and politicians want to talk rifles. As usual, Business Insider provides the lede that sums up the entire effort – stand back and watch the media work its magic:

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 7.17.34 PM


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  1. Peg

    Only a very few people are asking for serious revisions in how we handle mental health in our society. Roughly 3 years ago, a friend of mine became literally manic from taking a prescribed medication. He was delusional; talking about bodies his son had killed buried under his high rise, calling people at 3AM warning them that someone was trying to kill them – and other words behaving utterly like a lunatic.

    I and a few other close friends did our best to alert police and call hospitals. All, however, told us that unless he made a very specific, just-about-to-commit threat OR actually committed a crime, he could not be locked up against his will. Well; after about a week of this, he did it. Fired about 7 shots into the front door of his country club at 1AM.

    The “good” news? No one was harmed. The bad news? The night watchman saw him. Ultimately, he judged pleading guilty to a felony and serving roughly 6 months of incarceration was superior to a mandated 5 years in prison, had he been found guilty by trial. Talk about insanity; this was it!!!

    Still – my friend realizes ultimately that it could have been vastly worse. He might have killed someone while he was truly insane. Then – his own life truly would have been over. Shouldn’t we perhaps consider returning to a time where we would have a bit more flexibility in locking up people that seem very dangerous due to extreme mental conditions PRIOR to the commission of something like the Sandy Hook killings – rather than after the fact?!?!

  2. Anonymous

    For people that are mentally unstable , it’s far to easy to get guns.

    Make it harder for nut jobs to get weapons.

    That’s not asking much in 2012.

    • hmmm

      what’s a nut job? do you know it is a nut job before or after?

      are you the one that determines what a nut job is?

      please do tell…monday morning quarterback

      • Peg

        If someone thinks that their son murdered a bunch of folks and buried them under their high rise: they’re a nut job.

        If someone repeatedly talks about murdering others – perhaps they ought to spend 48 to 72 hours in a psych ward being evaluated.

        If someone threatens their parents and siblings and kills animals – perhaps they, too, ought to be investigated.

        I am not at all worthy of judging who is and is not nuts. But – professionals at a hospital might be. I am willing to give up 2-3 days of MY time and that of others if it means that we might have a few less of these sorts of tragedies.

        Will it be a perfect system? Hell, no. Still, I’d rather go back to some middle-ground type of world where those we are fairly certain to be certifiably nuts are held in a safe environment rather than out and about, ready to massacre a bunch of human beings because the killer is insane.

  3. Anonymous

    Sandy Hook is a tragedy of indescribable depth.

    The gun control statists and their propaganda machine in the mainstream media already are dancing upon the graves of the victims. The gun control statists clamor for everything from bans to a state monopoly on violence and excoriate everything from the Constitution to the NRA,

    The victims had their fundamental God given right to self-defense taken away by Congress with the Gun Free School Zones Act, reenacted by Congress, Sep. 30, 1996 –P.L. 104-208.

    Eric Holder’s DoJ with purposeful intent, direction, and funding, provided weapons to a Mexican drug cartels who murdered two US agents and hundreds of Mexicans in Operation Fast and Furious, whitewashed by a complicit Congress and federal bureaucracy, and covered by the explicit lies of Holder, Schmaler, Newell, et. al. The DoJ’s evil intent was to frame law abiding American citizens for the murder and mayhem directly created by a program of the federal government as causus belli for greater gun control.

    What is the authoritarian logic of now taking away the God given right to self-defense of tens of millions of innocent law-abiding citizens, based upon the actions of one mentally deranged young man, when the Attorney General of the United States can conspire with a large, established, violent foreign criminal organization to fund and minister gun violence on a large scale over a long period of time? All to frame innocent Americans and further steal God given liberties.

    Will regular citizens ever know the full truth about the shootings in Clackamas and Newtown? Are they the separate actions of deeply disturbed individuals or something more sinister? The possibility of a false flag operation by the immoral sponsors of a well funded murder and framing attempt, Fast and Furious, can’t be ignored.

  4. Anonymous

    The liberal media does everything possible to implicate the AR-15, the gun Obama most wants to ban, and one which was not used in the shooting.

    Obama sheds crocodile tears.

  5. nyc2gwich Transplant

    Gun control. What’s wrong with it? What kind of animals are people hunting that require extra large clips and the ability to shoot multiple rounds per second? And what kinds of animals are you hunting that require you to own multiple hand guns and multiple assualt riffles? Are you going after a pack of wolves? Maybe Bambi, Smoky the Bear and Buck should have a fighting chance … Keep muzzle loaders and get rid of semi’s.

    Seriously … 2nd Amendment Rights? Really … Who are the gun nuts scared of? Because i am scared of the gun nuts. Enough is enough in this country. Force background checks on everyone. Force insurance and accountability based on gun registration. Limit and restrict hand gun sales. Close the gun show loop holes.

    Guns kill people. People pull the triggers. The argument of “if more people had guns these types of events could be stopped” doesn’t hold water because these events aren’t stopped. They keep happening.

    Reign in the NRA and question the gun nuts and let’s have sensible gun control laws in this country.

    • Anonymous

      The opinions of the liberal urban metrosexual.

      Go ahead, change the Constitution.

    • Westchesterer

      While I don’t own any guns, it seems clear to me that they serve a purpose. If the principal was mandated to carry a concealed weapon, maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad. The only way to stop a lunatic with a gun is with another gun. The criminals will always have weapons. Banning weapons will only make innocent people unable to defend themselves against criminals and lunatics.

      • Anon

        That’s been discussed on the news – that principals be armed. But in this instance it would have served her no purpose as she seemed to know Adam and let him into the school. She was defenseless against this man who came to kill. Even if she had a gun, what could she have done?

        • Westchesterer

          I seem to have read that the gunman shot through the front door glass to enter the building. It’s not a matter of what in a particular situation could someone have done with a gun. The fact is that the only way to stop a lunatic with a gun is with another gun.

    • OG Reader

      Because gun control does nothing to stem the problem of lack of controls on the mentally ill. Simply look at China’s record of attacks on children to see what a gunless country looks like (its the same as here). You’re pointing to a convenient target (guns) but missing the mark. The point is that it will keep happening regardless of the weapon involved.

      Attacks in China:

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with nyc2gwich transplant. Why does ANYONE need those kinds of guns and ammo lying around their house? And why did the Lanza mother have those kinds of guns in her home (licensed, registered, etc) where her 20 year old son had access to them?????? If this young man had ANY history of mental illness or instability, and was living in that home, then it was wrong to have accessible guns in her home!

    • hmmm

      who are you to tell me what I can and cannot have in my house?

      you keep what you want in your house and I will keep what I want in my house, so there it is settled.

  7. muslim perspective

    we never hear the word terrorist when a crazy white guy shoots up the world but just wait till anyone from the middle east descent goes nuts, the word terrorist is the only word you here. are we on red on the bush terror meter today since there was a threat.

    • Anonymous

      We never even hear about the crime when it’s committed by young urban African American males. In places like Chicago, it’s a nightly event.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      @”muslim perspective”: I call you on your facile bullshit. On November 5, 2009 Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood, an Army Base near Killeen Texas. Notwithstanding the undispituted FACT that Hasan repeatedly shouted “Allahu ul akbar” while he fired his weapon, ultimately killing 12 soldiers and 1 civilian, Now, more than fully three years later, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Depart of Defense continue to classify the action that Hasan himself clearly intended as an act of Islamic terrorist retribution against his perceived enemy, as merely workplace violence. What a crock of steaming bullshit, not unlike yours above.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    I am sure many people feel morose today. So maybe we lighten it up a bit? OK?
    Remember this little hottie? Of course you do!! The future Mrs. Walt:

    She has a killer body and smile, an Aussie accent, and a sense of humor!! What is not to like? When I look at her I don’t see just long luscious legs, I see two lollipops waiting to be licked.

    What do you see?
    Your Pal,

  9. Insanity is easy to define as evidenced yesterday.
    Concentration on helping ID same early and modify before the jump off the cliff is a reasonable desire for all.
    Ignoring the obvious for whatever reason hurts the troubled first.
    Do these recent horror incidents have a common thread?
    Drugs ?
    Scripts or not ?
    If not a gun existed in the world dangerous demons still would.

    • Anon

      Peter. From all I heard the young man who did the shooting had a socialization issue. He preferred to be alone and was considered by his peers to be strange but smart, especially with computer games. Insanity was probably never a thought by the family. I am always troubled by children who don’t or can’t socialize. And it seems that is the common thread to mass killers. They ate loners. I don’t know how teachers or parents can know when being a loner is a sign of genius or a sign of a sociopath.
      I have no answers, just continued sadness for so many lives lost and continued anger at the left for making this singularly a gun issue.
      Am I correct on hearing it was the MOTHER who legally owned all these guns?

    • Anonymous

      Up to 1 in 5 Americans are on some form of psychiatric medication.

      Think about that the next time there is a Superstorm Sandy type disruption. No power, no lights, and no meds for 20% of the population.

      • Those howling for further gun controls might more profitably focus on the “reforms” enacted in the 1970’s and 80s emptied out and closed our mental institutions and threw lunatics onto the streets, made it almost impossible to commit the deranged for more than 60 days and made it illegal for schools to divulge any information about their students to third parties, regardless of warning signs.
        As always, the proponents of these changes refuse to look at the predictable results and instead wail, “but our intentions were good!” And then move on to their next well-intentioned cause.

      • Anon

        And that’s a whole other discussion. Why are one in five people on meds? Why? Because doctors too easily prescribe? Because kids can get special treatment at school or work if its known they take medication? Where is the familial support system?Does or should faith play a role?

  10. It will never, has never been easy to ID the truly troubled.
    Their actions are the easy ID.
    But we owe it especially to those poor young souls who were robbed of the wonders of life here by someone not appreciating same.
    As the facts emerge I hope, hope will too.

  11. greenwich dude

    gun control is a perfectly good issue – here i think we should have technology play a role. that biometric owner recognition system in skyfall was pretty interesting, and could be very very useful, especially for handguns.

    as for the what to do with the lunatics discussion above, amen – get em locked back up. and if there’s a psycho at school, parents have a right to know.

  12. Anon77

    I’ve never understood the “conceal and carry” logic. Wouldn’t it be more of a deterrent if we allowed principals and teachers to openly display that they were packing heat?

  13. Anonymous2

    How many of these children would be alive if the teachers had been armed?
    How many of these children would be alive if only Obama, Malloy and Bloomberg had guns?

  14. Put more money into Psychiatry and less into Police union pensions and salary abuse - that is the real crime here

    Why do we see millions of Police AFTER the fact? All of them collecting outrageous overtime “investigating” AFTER the fact.

    I think it is time to put more money into psychiatric services BEFORE the fact and less into the Police unions who do nothing to prevent the problem.

  15. Balzac

    Chris at 10.19 is seeking deeper for answers.

    It’s nice to have the snap opinion that guns be prohibited to the mentally ill or the somewhat-mentally-ill, or the just-troubled, or those whose children like Adam Lanza are troubled….. But it’s easy to see that with all those categories, the results of one more top-down policy from Washington would be a) unending lawsuits over the detailed application of these rules to each individual case, and b) no decrease in shootings.

    Want to have a real effect, nation-wide on mass murder? Encourage religion. Those who think that they are loved by God do not commit mass murder of babies. However, our progressive/liberal/media culture is at war with religion. Yesterday we saw the awful results.

    • kc

      I am glad that you mention religion. I’m a little hesitant to take on all of the issues it raises in my mind at this time so I’ll just say thanks as I would hope that some might find it worthwhile to consider this a bit.

  16. Anon

    I’m curious to know if parents here are having a discussion with their children about the shooting? Do you wait until they ask? Do you ask what they know? And how do you answer if they ask if it can happen at their school?

    I worry that all the talk of having armed guards at at school or arming the principal will make children constantly in fear something WILL happen.

    Westchester: there was no reply button at the end of our conversation but I did not know that Adam forced his way in. But does that mean the principal keeps a gun on her body at all times….just in case? And who is to say the principal is even the first line if defense? There’s usually a secretary in the front office.

    • hmmm

      i am not sure it matters if the principal needs to have a pistol at all time…just the simple fact that principals are packing would be enough deterrent i think…no?

      • Anon

        Hmmmm: I’m not sure. If someone, like this young man hell bent on killing knew in advance the principal had a gun, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t stop the assault.

  17. GPD Folk

    To: Put more money ino, blah,blah,blah……forget to take your meds today? Grow up, you clown. And pick one name to post under… obviously have an identity issue

    • Sin-ic

      Pretty easy to be a cynical here.
      After I reading the Fairfield posting gives pause to where we are putting resources. When we are short of funds in the State, the first thing Malloy cuts is social services.
      Are the cops ever going to cut their thirst for lifetime pensions at the expense of others who need it more.
      Didn’t Ridberg just cash that $250,000 a year pension check?
      Yeah, GDP Folk, somebody has their priorities straight.
      Maybe you should consider some therapy yourself. Everyone, including that poster, is entitled to an opinion. Or is yours more valid than others. Bully.

  18. GPD Folk

    sorry Christopher…this knucklehead is starting to annoy me.

  19. Anonymous

    Murders via handgun in the U.S. are so much greater than in other countries- 10,728 last year alone, as opposed to 8 in Great Britain, 48 in Japan, 52 in Canada, 21 in Sweden, 42 in West Germany. This disparity either has to do with availability (likely), or something unique to the American psyche (video games? vulgar music lyrics?–forgive me Frank Z.). There has to be a way we can spare the weekend outing at the shooting club while curtailing some of the senseless violence of street thugs and psychopaths. The right to bear arms, when it was conceived, probably meant “if you can have a musket then I can have a musket.” I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever envisioned an autistic 20 yr. old kid walking into an elementary school with full body armor and a handgun with 17 rounds.

    • They probably didn’t envision the Internet either, but that doesn’t mean the First Amendment is no longer viable.

      All injury deaths
      Number of deaths: 177,154
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 57.7
      Motor vehicle traffic deaths
      Number of deaths: 34,485
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 11.2
      All poisoning deaths
      Number of deaths: 41,592
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 13.5
      All firearm deaths
      Number of deaths: 31,347
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.2
      Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2009, table 18 [PDF – 2.1 MB]

      • Anonymous

        I get your point, but it’s clearly the nature of these shooting crimes that has people so amped about prevention.

  20. Central Gwich

    I might be completely off-base here, but there isn’t a whole ton of difference between Sandy Hook, Glenville, Cos Cob, or Riverside. Instead of the arts palace at GHS, every public school should have a School Resource Officer. Hopefully, the SRO would be unnecessary, but it would have positive externalities even without a horrific event. Having an on-duty uniformed officer in every school could reduce fights, suspensions, absenteeism, DARE education. Have the officer posted in the entrance of every public school in the state.

    Having a responsible, trained professional working for everyone’s safety is a much more sane response than removing all firearms. I think Guns were the tool, not necessarily the cause. Even if this wicked Lanza kid didn’t have a gun, Tim McVeigh didn’t need a gun to kill all those kids in Oklahoma.

  21. nyc2gwich Transplant

    We should just arm the kids, and while we are at it, legalize anti-aircraft guns for duck hunting. Imagine how easy it would be to take out geese with stingers!!!!

    In all seriousness, Chris, while we don’t see eye to eye on a lot on this I agree with you – lock up the truly insane, don’t let them out of asylums and onto the streets.

    We have serious issues in this country that need adults not emotions. We need reforms. There is room for guns and hunting and the 2nd amendment but there has to be reform and accountability. This senseless slaughter of innocents is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

    • hmmm

      correct we need adults not emotions, emotions says make all guns but the musket illegal adults say it wasn’t the semi-automtic gun it was the individual and let’s bring family life, religion and respect for all to the forefront of society and less hollywood, etc…

    • Transplant: re lock up the truly insane, don’t let them out of asylums and onto the streets

      One of my best friends has a son who is seriously bipolar. He had deep dark emotional problems in college and ran away ..from the day they found him on the street near death in San Francisco, the mom took control. She got him to see the best doctors, was there to help him anyway she could. He’s now in a quality half-way residence for which my friend pays nearly $4000/month to keep him safe. And keep the community safe from HIM. He’s 40 now but for the rest of his life he will need to be in the confines of come kind of care. And not just any care. Good care.

      But here’s the problem: Why should we presume the Newtown shooter would even consider going with his mother for any psychiatric counseling? He was 20 and could refuse. Even if she could get him to see a doctor, how many doctors would she have to see for him to be labeled insane or be committed? From what I read, the shooter didn’t like his mother and found her controlling. Maybe she was actually trying to get him help and that’s how he interpreted her good intentions. I think when someone gets it in their mind to kill, it’s darn near impossible to get that out of their head.

      It’s hard enough today to get good mental health care when you can afford it – the Silver Hill Hospitals of this world are overcrowded as it is and have few spaces for those who are being subsidized or on the dole, leaving the insane who have no support system to go to facilities that are pretty much useless.

      How do you propose to lock up the insane?

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I propose we build a giant fence, and make all the insane live in New Jersey. You have to be crazy to live there anyway, right? Garden State my ass!!

        But this is a slippery slope. Being insane doesn’t make you dangerous. Look at you. Or Howard Hughes. The man was a loon. Michelangelo – a genius – but also insane. Sean Penn. Mr. Rodgers. Marilyn Monroe. Va Voom!!

        I could go on, but you get my point. So who decides who is insane? If it isn’t me, I reject this brilliant idea out of hand. If it is me, you are in trouble, my friend. Pack your bags, you are going to Newark!!

        The second amendment comes with responsibilities. Freedom comes with responsibilities. We have irresponsible people and always will. Taking away our freedom will not change that. Nothing will. Ban cars? Same logic.

        All guns, if not on your hip, should be properly locked away. This was clearly a troubled young man, and allowing him access to such firepower is the problem. So blame his gun loving mother. Banning guns is not the answer.

        And the time to legislate these issues is not when emotions are the highest. That is a smokescreen to accomplish that which is not just. A libtard specialty.
        You lunatic.
        Your Pal,

      • Peg

        EOS – you have very high standards to judge that someone needs to be locked up. Have the right to examine for 48 to 72 hours … but, to keep someone longer, you need big time evidence that it is necessary. I honestly feel confident that this really would prevent at least some of these horrific events.

        • Peg: I don’t see how the right to examine goes to preventing any crime. Help me here. Let’s put this in real terms. If one of my adult children exhibits behavior that I think warrants examination, even hospitalization, I may want all the best for him or her, but if they refuse to be examined, I do what next? If I’m not psychically threatened by this child, I can’t call the police.

          Many of the mass killers are sociopaths anyway, the best liars on the planet. They know what to say when and to whom.

        • KTCT

          Doctors can legally hold those deemed to be a danger to self or others for up to 48 hours. Patients must be seen by a psychiatrist within 48 hours of admission (at least these is the case in NY).
          Maybe if mental illness didn’t hold the stigma that it still does (read above, “nut job” is an acceptable term), more people will seek treatment for themselves and their loved ones.

    • Anonymous

      The targeting mechanism on a Stinger won’t work on geese.

      Unless you have been both goose hunting and have fired a Stinger, you need to STFU.

      Your knowledge of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment is execrable. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. The 2nd Amendment is about an unalienable God given right to self defense and specifically is intended for the people to have a bulwark against government tyranny. In the language of the day, “well-regulated,” means common caliber ordnance. The Founders meant for us to have weapons equivalent to the military. The Founders did not envision citizen poofters like you who completely would surrender the will and capability to defend yourself and your family. You’re a great victimologist though.

  22. Anonymous

    The shooters mother was a gun lover and purchased the weapons legally. How did her troubled son access the weapons? We’re they locked up? Questions to be answered.

  23. prosperityfollowsdynamite

    To nyc2gwich Transplant: your tagline is appropriate because people like you with your irrational, un-American views are exactly the kind of idiots who have ruined our beautiful town in the past fifteen years or so. Do us all a favor and go back to NYC where you can worship at the cult of personality altar of that despicable little Napoleon Bloomberg.

    As to those complaining about police salaries and response: 1. You get what you pay for. So, if you want bad police pay them badly. 2. As to showing up “after the fact”: Last I checked the police are not issued crystal balls. They respond when called and secure the scene, with limited information as to what just occurred.

    When someone tried to break down my door at 3:30 A.M. several years ago here in RIVERSIDE SOPO Gasp! (yes nyc2gwich it can happened here) the Greenwich police arrived in literally under three minutes-five officers in fact. Those were a l-o-n-g three minutes that would have been even longer had I not been properly armed, prepared and trained, ready to protect myself and my family.

    Disclaimer: No, I am not a cop, nor is anyone in my family.

  24. Peg

    EOS – it used to be that you COULD have someone incarcerated in a mental ward for some short period of time for examination – even if it was against their will. I guarantee you that had my friend I mentioned at the beginning of this post in a psych ward PRIOR to shooting up his country club – they would have known he was nuts. There was no way he could hide it; he was psychotic.

    I don’t know that returning to a policy of being able to hold people for some short period of time against their will would prevent most of these kinds of horrors. Yet – even if it stopped some percentage of them…. isn’t it worth a bit of our freedom? We put up with a real pain in the neck every time we fly somewhere – and sacrifice some hours of our freedom and $$ for that. Why shouldn’t we be able to hold people deemed dangerous – even if they don’t want it?

  25. InfoDiva

    The CT chief M.E. now says the Bushmaster was the primary weapon. Might want to reconsider your post, Chris.

    • Not I – the press ran with reports on the Bushmaster even as the police were saying it was the two pistols and not the rifle involved. If 36 hours later the police change their conclusion then that doesn’t change the media’s coverage nor their intention.

  26. Anonymous

    People that would like to have principals and teachers armed are seriously off their meds.

    Yes , let’s mandate and train a elementary school teacher on gun safety over the summer..,

    Seriously , the NRA’s position is insane and backward thinking / looking.

    This selfish cultural madness needs to change.

  27. GPD Folk

    I take comfort that there were many real heroes during this crazy, unimaginable, unthinkable tragedy. I’m reading and hearing media reports of young teachers barricading themselves and their kids inside storage rooms or bathrooms and cradling them and protecting them as best they can while some nut job fires away. I pray for them and everyone even remotely associated with this tragedy. Personally…my heart just aches…I think of my own 8 year old daughter and how I would react to an event like this were she involved. So yes …..I can understand some posters comments about the need for gun control. I can understand almost any plausible argument……what I can’t stomach are the posts by someone who just wants to attack the Police….be it about response times or pensions. Sorry for the rant……PS….. I’m not a bully…anyone who knows me will tell you that.

    • And he’ll beat the crap out of you if you keep saying he is! : )

    • More Blue Kool Aid, Anyone?

      Not a bully, but your opinion IS more valid than others’, right, GPD?
      I considered writing something along these lines in response to one of your replies last week. Shockingly, you took great offense to a mildly negative comment regarding the police at that time, too.

      You were neither drafted into, nor forced into service as a police officer; you chose that career, correct? You and your fellow officers should be respected and appreciated for your choices and your good work. And you are well compensated for that work–but let’s not pretend that Greenwich is the new Cabrini Green.

      First responders are expected to perform on the bad days. That’s really when those officers, and firefighter, and EMTs earn their pay; that’s why those services are in place to begin with. I think it’s safe to say that we regular ol’ civilians hope the bad days are few and far between. And we don’t begrudge first responders the (hopefully) many, many quiet months they might enjoy between bad days because we are aware of the risks that can arise at any moment.

      Having said that, I don’t think it’s reasonable to dismiss concerns over such things as a bloated pension system or other perks that the Silver Shield Association often seems to protect more adamantly than it does the citizenry.

      Let’s take the case of traffic control. How hard did the union fight to make sure that its members–and only its members–have exclusive control when it comes to directing traffic on town roadways? At a current rate of what, $75/hour for a patrol officer? More for a detective! That’s not egregious? Especially when the job can be performed by a flagman, or in many cases, simply someone with working arms and hands? Especially when I can be stopped at the exit 4 off ramp and see three officers standing around and chatting with a highway worker? Really?

      We are grateful to you, GPD Folk, and to all those folks who protect us through service in the Greenwich Police Department. However, to suggest that there are not valid criticisms about the department, and further, to attack–whether out of a sense of blind loyalty or otherwise–someone for voicing those concerns is absurd. That’s my lowly opinion.

  28. GPD Folk

    Thanks Bro…..I can always count on you….:)

  29. A Greenwich taxpayer

    During superstorm Sandy, our firefighters risked their lives to save those living on the water in Riverside who chose to ignore mandatory evacuations because “nothing like this had ever happened here before”. Am I willing to contribute to the pensions for those brave town employees? Yes I am. I doubt there is anyone in Newtown, CT tonight complaining about contributing to the pensions of those first responders who ran into that school and weren’t sure if they were going to encounter a gunman or a bunch of six year olds behind a door. If you are willing to literally give your life for those that you have never met, I think you deserve to be treated differently than everyone else. Why? Because you are willing to give up your life for me. God Bless the GPD and the GFD.

    • Going Ballistic?

      You love to feed the tax man. Great. They can’t stop spending it fast enough. When the State is Chapter 11, what will you say then? Hey, where did all the dough go?

      Maybe allocating more to mental illness is a better way to spend your money. Guns and crazy will still be out there. You can’t pay enough cops to protect you.

      You can treat the root of evil. Medication and free access to it for those who need it.

      Destigmatize and treat mental illness, not just lock it up.

  30. AJ

    The Congresswoman Gifford shooting was brought to an early end and many lives were saved by an armed young man who ran towards the danger instead of away from it. He saw an opportunity to end the gunman’s rampage without having to use his weapon and took the madman down without firing a single shot. If everyone either openly carried or concealed carried a handgun, the second person to be shot at these mass shootings that seem to happen every few years would be the gunman himself — end of story. The days of a cop on every corner who knew everyone in the neighborhood are long gone, and until those times return, an armed citizenry is, for the most part, a polite, well mannered society where crimes like home invasions are much less likely to occur.

    For you knuckleheads who wonder about what guns are “appropriate” for “hunting”, the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everthing to do with keeping people out of your house who would like to break in while you’re sleeping and torture and kill you and everyone in your family. You have the right to not let that happen with or without “stand your ground laws”, which are totally unnecessary but are meant to counter those who would rather see you a victim to be used.

    • The Governor

      AJ – I usually enjoy your ramblings, but this latest analysis of the 2nd Amendment makes you look more like a knucklehead than the idiots who associate that right with hunting privileges.

      An “armed citizentry” brings this country back to the days of the wild west or present day inner-city hoods, where you only survive by showing or using your “piece”. Changing the gun laws is the only option. Your entire argument rests on the premise that others need to carry hand-guns to protect themselves from the aggressor. Think about it – if the the aggressor did not have such free access to guns in the first place, the rest of us would not have to carry a piece – just in case. The sooner you and others on this site and in our community can understand this basic logic the better.

      • And how do you propose to disarm the aggressors? NYC has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation, with a mandatory sentence of two years (ask that football player). NYC also has one of the highest death rates from firearms in the country. Chicago, same story. In fact, cities that permit licensed guns enjoy a crime rates far lower than those that don’t. Turns out, “aggressors” aren’t so aggressive when they know that their victims may be armed.

        • The Governor

          Of course I’m not suggesting banning guns will eliminate them completely from circulation. But it will reduce the risk that they fall into the wrong hands. It’s a matter of risk reduction and worth it if it minimizes the risk of future tragedies like those repeated time and time again in this country.
          A gun’s primary function is to kill. Whether it is intentional or not, pulling a trigger is more than likely to result in death or fatal injury. Remove the gun, reduce the risk. Period.

      • Anonymous

        Fast and Furious.

        Eric Holder’s DoJ sponsors gun violence intended to frame law abiding Americans. Hundreds die, including two government agents.

        Where’s the outcry?

    • pulled up in OG

      “Loughner stopped to reload, but dropped the loaded magazine from his pocket to the sidewalk, from where bystander Patricia Maisch grabbed it. Another bystander clubbed the back of the assailant’s head with a folding chair, injuring his elbow in the process, representing the 14th injury. The gunman was then tackled to the ground by 74-year-old retired US Army Colonel Bill Badger, who himself had been shot, and was further subdued by Maisch and bystanders Roger Sulzgeber and Joseph Zamudio. Zamudio was a CCW holder and had a weapon on his person, but arrived after the shooting had stopped and did not use the firearm to engage or threaten the gunman.”

      “Roger Sulzgeber, who was in line at the ‘Congress on the Corner’ event, and Bill D. Badger, who had been grazed in the back of the head by a bullet, pull Loughner down to the ground. Joseph Zimudio, who was at a nearby Walgreens where Loughner was running past, also helps detain the suspect. [Joe Zimudio, who was legally armed with a gun, did not use his weapon during the incident, he says, because the situation was under control at the point that Loughner was tackled.]”

  31. AJ

    Actually, Gov, anybody who open carries is a fool (or a gun rights activist stirring up sh*t) because they just gave away their advantage to a would be aggressor, besides drawing lots of unnecessary attention to themselves. All I’m saying is the world would be a lot safer place if more people were armed. Case in point from today’s Drudge Report: ‘REPORT: Armed man help stop Oregon mall shooting…’, ‘Clackamas man, armed, confronts mall shooter.’ Another would be mass shooting ended early by an armed citizen.

    One thing you gun control types always seem to miss is that criminals and nut jobs don’t care about laws, and that the worst gun violence happens in the places with the most controls on guns because the only people who have guns in these places are the criminals (criminals prefer victims who can’t fight back), but you’re right, gun control does work.

    • pulled up in OG

      “Another would be mass shooting ended early by an armed citizen.”

      Dubious, to say the least.
      Never mind the claim of “another”. : )

      “Meli [your boy] took cover inside a nearby store. He never pulled the trigger.”

      Clackamas Town Center shooting: 22 minutes of chaos and terror as a gunman meanders through the mall

    • John Wayne

      Trying to compare the effects of gun control in the US in 2012 with Cambodia in 1975 is such a compelling way to make your point. It truely shows just how intelligent the gun fans are. Please provide more examples like this (maybe Ireland under British oppression; or Poland and Europe in 1935) – you might just provide enough ammunition for the anti-gun lobbiests to prove that those who want to preserve the gun laws are incompetant, uneducated, delusional knuckleheads who need to be stopped in their tracks.

    • The Governor

      AJ – John Wayne’s comment below says it all. You should listen and learn.

  32. pulled up in OG

    Trifecta went unclaimed Friday.

    Bartlesville High School student arrested in school-shooting plot


  33. pulled up in OG

    His mother’s guns. How many mothers keep a Glock 10mm (Lanza’s suicide weapon) in their arsenal?

  34. AJ

    It wouldn’t take much for the world to fall into chaos much as it did in Europe in the 30s: I don’t know that we’ve progressed so much in the few years since for that to not be able to easily happen again. The Milgram experiment proves that it can happen, and much more easily than anyone imagined. Back then the helpless and defenceless, Jews in particular, were rounded up and put on cattle cars to be shipped off to extermination. Others had guns, and fought back and survived.

    Defiance: you should watch, a true story that shows the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment.