Four sales reported, three of which surprise me, a little

Link for all four sales here.

6 Raymond Street, Old Greenwich, sold for $3.325. It asked $4.2 million back when it was built in 2007 and didn’t get it, but over $3 on Raymond? Who’d have believed it, back then.

158 Indian Head Road, $11.991 million – July contract, December closing. My heavens. Great land, but I was not as enthusiastic about the house as this buyer obviously was, or is.

15 Horseshoe Lane, Cos Cob, $1.3 million. It sold for $1.285 million in 2002 and that was without a body in the garage.

146 Valley Road, Cos Cob, $1,217,500. Last sold, in 2003, for $1,175,480, so this house must attract owners who like to dicker to the last penny, but it’s a nifty little house nonetheless. This sale I understand.


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5 responses to “Four sales reported, three of which surprise me, a little

  1. Stanwich

    Really? Today of all days you are trying to be funny about death. C’mon.

  2. Anonymous

    come on chris. where’s your post about the shooting in newtown ?

    something like , maybe if there were armed guards at the school this could have been avoided.

    you can’t really be silent on this ???

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    What is there possibly left to say about the tragedy in Newtown? What happened today is beyond horrific, and shows things like this can happen anywhere. And it should teach us all to take nothing for granted, because we can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

    What I find offensive is the people trying to politicize this, to move forward their political agenda, before the bodies of these poor kids are even cold. Like Bloomberg, and that Michael “Jabba the Hut” Moore. It is offensive.

    Human beings, by nature, are a deadly species. But most of us are sane, present company excluded, and can control our anger. The crazy amongst us can never be controlled by tighter regulations, restriction of individual freedom, or more Government control. It just won’t work.

    Death is a part of life. We all hope it will happen to us when we are old, and in our sleep. But it doesn’t always work that way, and there is nothing we can do to change that.

    The pain these parents must feel is beyond my comprehension. The thought of it horrifies me. So my prayers go out to them, and I hope they don’t torture their hearts seeking an answer for why stuff like this happens or how it can be prevented. There is no answer to that and there is no cure. As long as we exist, there will be evil. Those of us that can avoid it are blessed.

    It’s the price we pay to live.
    Your Pal,

    • Yup. I had started a long reply to Stanwich, about the friend of mines son, a mathematical genius and one of the sweetest kids on earth who threw himself out a window two days ago, another friend who I got news of last week had finally completed a fifteen-year cycle of self destruction and OD, the sentencing four weeks ago of the man who butchered my daughters 23 year old girl friend, and on and on, but I stopped. As you say, there’s nothing to say.
      Hence my comment about wearing crepe. We hug our kids, love them and pray- the world, good and evil, goes on.