Modern education in a nutshell

Ignorant Fluke

Abby Rogers, Ignorant Fluke

Courtesy of – where else? – Business Insider, comes this gem in what purports to be a news item on Justice Scalia:

“He’s so firm in his views, he even went so far as to imply that anyone who disagrees with him is simply wrong.”

The idiot intern who wrote this is undoubtedly a college student who has spent the past sixteen years learning that all truth is relative and there can be no such thing as a fixed principle. She’s also a Democrat – wanna bet?


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6 responses to “Modern education in a nutshell

  1. I’ve texted my children to tell them never to write anything that Chris Fountain can Google and print here! That said, Miss Abby Kadabby does lack writing skills, and her commenters are also a tad light. One, the author surely a Harvard Law student with eyes on being the Democratic candidate for President one day, says…
    I hate this man. Just corrupt and pure evil. He has no place in this country as a Supreme Court Justice. He needs to resign and go away already. He and the Bush Crime Dynasty can go buy a vacation home together.

    o/t: Seeing as I follow your daughter Kat’s Brown Chicken Band blog, I note, with extreme jealousy, that they are preforming in HAWAII all month. Smart move. I suggest we all fly out there and have a New Year’s party with her. I can bring chips and dip. Anyone got G5 to get us there?

    • Kate and the band will be in Hawaii for two (maybe even three) months, the dogs. I actually am considering flying over to visit, although I’m getting a little old to sleep on floors and have long since given up doing doobies at sunset.

      • Gosh, there are so many options in Hawaii that are affordable. Rent a time-share condo instead of a hotel. Or a cottage at Vacation Rental By Owner. Here’s an adorable 1B/1B in Hana. Can’t do much better than Hana and I think I saw the band was playing there.

        Pack up the grass skirt and get yourself to Hawaii for some sunshine. Who knows, you may even get lucky there and get lei’d 🙂

      • Libertarian Advocate

        although I’m getting a little old to sleep on floors

        Your brother keeps telling us how you’re on a hot roll selling houses… We all know you’re a Scotsman at heart, but we’re talking about visiting YOUR DAUGHTER after all, RIGHT? So spend a couple bucks!

  2. Rivman

    Business Insider used to be an occasional interesting read, but the increased use of inexperienced writers has diminished the site. I guess its the price we pay for free content on the web.