A kiss is just a kiss

Virgin Wool

Oklahoman Virgin Wool

Oklahoma fraternity brother fondles, attempts oral sex with sleeping freshmen, University refuses to notify police due to privacy concerns for the would-be rapist. No surprise there; Penn State already told us what to expect from college administrators, but you’ve got to love the name of the boys club involved, the “FarmHouse Fraternity”. Soooeee! Ride’em cowboy!


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4 responses to “A kiss is just a kiss

  1. CatoRenasci

    Everyone know fraternity boys behave like (party) animals and he was majoring in animal husbandry….

  2. Anonymous2

    Had Mr. Cochran (appropriate name) been watching the newly sensitised BBC?

  3. AJ

    While sleeping? What a devious minded little devil.

  4. bikermailman

    The obvious arguments for any conservative or libertarian are a given. Farmhouse is supposed to be a Christian, non-Greek affiliated fraternity. ?!?