Has Sean Dunne moved to Round Hill Road yet?

Green is the color of money

Green is the color of money

An anonymous reader who likes to keep on Sean Dunne’s financial dealings sends along a link to the latest court proceedings from a lender’s attempt to recover £185 million owed by Mr.Dunne. Did he transfer his assets to his wife Gayle, as alleged, or was she already rich enough to pay for their new life here in Greenwich? The parties disagree.


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5 responses to “Has Sean Dunne moved to Round Hill Road yet?

  1. Anonymous

    Rumor is he’s been living in Mead Point for the last couple of years!

  2. Anonymous

    I heard stillman lane?

  3. Anon

    Don’t know where he’s living but do know he’s using the Homestead Inn like his “club” since he can’t get in anywhere else.

  4. done

    never heard of him

  5. another stb 4 me

    Try 526 Indian Field Road.
    Not sure what why Bellehaven’s in knicker twist about his money, it was “earned” the old fashioned way – ripping off a couple of banks, including a fradulent Icelandic bank.
    Sean’s in good company with those syndicated “dividened recap” and subsequent credit bidding types who frequent the club.