NYT, ABC, rush to interview grieving friends and families in Newtown

They also went after the children themselves yesterday, but here’s an excellent response to the ABC reporter.

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16 responses to “NYT, ABC, rush to interview grieving friends and families in Newtown

  1. Anonymous

    After this terrible tragedy – why can’t people make the leap and figure out a way to get along. For instance, this battle with the synagogue. For a wealthy community we ALL have been selfish and rotten. There are so many people who have real loss and REAL problems. This is why Americans get a bad reputation – spoiled brats…..Xmas is coming we should all show a little empathy

    • Cos Cob II

      Do you want 100 parking spaces abutting your property line or perhaps a 20,000 square foot structure towering over your house in a community of small homes? Perhaps they can build next to you?

    • Anonymous

      I am puzzled as to why you feel the need to post about planning and zoning issues on a day that is focused on a national tragedy. You might want to show a little empathy yourself. And, I take offense at your sweeping derogatory comments about both Greenwich residents and Americans.

      • Anonymous

        I was directing my commentary to Anonymous who posted at 12:50, not the follow up comments posted by Anonymous at 1:49 or Chris’ comment at 1:54.

    • hmmm

      How many iPhones do you have? Flat screen tvs?

  2. Anonymous


  3. browbeater44

    how did the post about the media being vultures turn into a conversation about building a synagogue in greenwich

  4. Peg

    I honestly understand reporters wanting an opportunity to talk to family members of victims IF THOSE FAMILY MEMBERS REALLY WISH TO TALK TO THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Surely there must be some humane way for media people to publish methods to be contacted – rather than vulturing in on friends of family victims!

    “Eat a dick” too kind, IMHO.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    He may have been asking her out but used poor punctuation.
    Eat a dick?
    I use that line at the J all the time.
    Your Pal,

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Nadine has deleted her Twitter account. I’m guessing she was overwhelmed by offers for sausage dinner.